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confusion over Mag 10 clearance time

First of all, I'd like to say that Mag-10 is a great supplement and I love it. Shame its going bye bye. However, I still have a few bottles left over from a while back.

      I have a few questions that have perplexed me for a while. Firstly, I cant understand what biotest mean when they say on the website that there are no IOC banned substances in Mag-10. However, I am in a federation that uses the IOC list and I wrote away to them to make sure that the substances in Mag-10 were OK to take and I was informed that all the substances in it (including the androst-1-ene) are banned under the IOC. 

       Also, I am confused over clearance times for Mag-10. I am subject to drug testing and need to know the clearance times however this seem to be an issue that has only ever been partuially adressed on the forum. I know that the 4-ad should take about two weeks but there doesnt appear to be any answers as regards the other supplements. Why has the subject not been fully addressed? Is it because the other components in it are highly detectable or what??

Thanks a lot,
this isnt meant to be a rant by the way. i love Mag-10 and just want to play it safe as regards drug tests.



holy moly, bump for you.

help the man out!