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Confusion on Sus PCT

hey,probly been answerd a million times before but there seems to be alot of confusion when to start taking pct after a sus cycle,i guess this is because of all the different easter release times,some say 2 weeks some say 4,be good if someone could clear this up, cheers

Are you refering to suspension or sustanon? i have no clue of pct after sustanon, but if you are referring to test suspension from what i gathered on it is that it has the shortest active period in the body and that pct can be started 2-3 days after final test no ester suspension injection.

My opinion on sustanon is that it is a mixed product so i would almost plan a start time for pct going by the longest ester in the mix. 3-4 weeks after. because after all pct is for when all the test is out and your body needs to be kicked in to high gear again to produce your own, not when you are still loaded with more test then natural.

i am still new so there is a possibility i may be wrong, hopefully another more experienced person here on the forums will chime in as well.

good luck!

Sustanon PCT can start 3 weeks after the last injection at the least.

ok cheers fellas