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Confusion On Cycle? Help!


OK here is my dilema. I was originally planning a 10 wk cycle of Test E/Masteron with probably adding some IGF and maybe some Var or T-bol to kick off the cycle. After doing a little research I read that masteron is stupid to do unless your under 10% and is mainly for contest prep. So I planned EQ and found EQ dosen't even kick in fully till like week 6 or 7 so it is pointless to do with a 10 week cycle. I Won't use Tren or Winny and don't want to use Deca or Primo really. Now WTF?

  • Should I just use Var/T-bol in the beginning for a little longer and just stick with the 2 compounds (Test and the oral) and hopefully get some IGF too?

  • Does that sound right with the Masteron or does anyone disagree? should I add this considering I'm at 15% BF?

  • Any other options i'm not thinking of?

Basically I wan't to run a Nice LBM cycle, drop a bit of fat and add a little nice hard muscle. This isn't really a "cutter cycle" nor is it a "mass cycle" Just a LBM cycle, ya know what I mean. I know Diet and cardio/training are my key ingredients here. What would you guys recomend to add with my Test? HELP!!! FLU


weeks 1-10: 500 mg test E
weeks 1-3: t-bol 40 mg ED
weeks 6-13: var 30-40 mg ED
AI: 0.5 mg a-dex EOD throughout
PCT week 14

no experience with IGF, ask bushy, ubi, p-22 or others on that one.

masteron is great with test...very synergistic. but with the goals you have outlined, i think you can do without it, and still get there.


Masteron is not pointless if you are over 10% BF. You will proboably miss most the visable efects of it, though.

But with that said - I am at 11% BF, and am seeing incredible vascularity after 2.5 weeks on test prop/masteron. I have thigh veins now.