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Confusion on 7th Week TM Test after Anchor

At the end of 2 leader cycles 531 BBB (7th week deload) and 1 anchor 351 PR Set + FSL.
Getting plenty of reps on the 1+ lifts (9-15).

Since my TM’s are clear to be increased for the next cycle do I need to do 7th Week TM test anyways or should I just do 7th week deload?

Additional clarification question for that is should I bump the TM’s for the 7th week or following the 7th week?

You really only need to do a TM Test at the beginning of new programming if your unsure if your TM is correct.

Judging by your high reps I would say your ok to increase your maxes and continue on. A good indicator is if your can get 5 or more reps on your 1+ set, which you are well over.

You can increase your TM if you want to or not. In the end what matters is if its SET CORRECTLY for the programming your running. If you keep it the same for a cycle that probably won’t hurt.

At some point when you get advanced enough, you will NEED to test your TM’s and probably reset them often. Until that point, enjoy the easy increases.

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Any answer for the last question? Should the 7th week protocol be run/tested using the TM that was just completed, or the upcoming TM?

The one you just completed.


Either or.

Regular anchor
week 1: top set @ 85%
week 2: top set @ 90%
week 3: top set @ 95%
week 4: top set @ 100% (PR test / TM test / Deload)

For the next program, depending on your TM test or previous eventual PR sets; increase TM for 5/10 pounds as usual, stay or decrease.

If you are sure that you should bump your TM, do what feels best for you; a single on TM, ramping fives including TM, or a PR set…

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It makes sense that the Deload week will use the same TM that you just completed. Then increase the TM if appropriate to do so and start your Anchor.

But after competing the anchor, what do we do? Increase TM and test or test with current TM and then increase? It doesn’t really matter?

Test with the max you are going to use in your new programming. What it was set at before is now irrelevant, it must be set correctly what the new program you are choosing to run.

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