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Confusing Video: Is He Joking?

Hi guys
I’m not being sarcastic,I really can’t understand if this guy is joking or what…

Look at the other vids in his collection and I’d say he was serious.

His youtube name: betough :stuck_out_tongue:


as he says “hardcore” lol

“Today we are a hardcore medieval dinosaur”

This fat shit again?

Does anyone else notice he’s actually breathing heavy from just standing there and running his mouth before he even does anything? You can hear him take a deep inhalation in his mic.

That, and I’d love to see him “knock out a dozen or so reps of those” sewer grate clean and presses.


he may have said the word alright 100x in 197 seconds.

Nothing wrong with his videos, they are pretty informative!!!

Wow. He just overhead pressed a buck twenty. Twice. That’s awesome.

Looks like an overwhelming majority of us are pussies because of the way we train.

hahahaha that shit is hilarious man…this guy cant be serious…he should sell t-shirts that say…“DONT BE A PUSSY…LIFT SEWER GRATES!”

wow, i hope people dont really take his advice…plus he’s fat.

I saw this a while ago and sadly I don’t think he is taking the piss.

While I like the idea of going round picking up heavy stuff that you find in everyday life, this guy kind of misses the point of why people train with barbells and plates.

We do it so we can measure improvement, it’s a science. However -oddly enough- they don’t make incrementally weighted fucking sewer grates for strength building.

Does he sell something? Cause he definitely makes me think of Matt Furey. Hope I won’t get my ass sued because I mentionned Furey’s name in a board ;D

Anyway, this guy’s nick is: Betough… What did you expect?

Glad he shows the love of lifting, I’d just wish he put more brains and thought into the process.

The concept is good. I like him.

I like his conviction. Also reminds me of a good friend of mine from back home.

Ok…so he is serious.
I was a bit confused seeing a fat guy lifting up random stuff and telling how to be tougher…

“smash yourself right in the mouth with this stuff”

i was half expecting the grate to smash into his mouth

[quote]Zen warrior wrote:
Glad he shows the love of lifting, I’d just wish he put more brains and thought into the process.

W3rd. His passion is there, but his vids make him seem very self-absorbed and high-n-mighty compared to those that use proper equipment; basically a douche bag.


The only thing more stupid than this video is people defending him.

[quote]Irish Muscle wrote:
i actually LEARNED a bit from watching that.

That speaks volumes about your training knowledge…

The only thing I learned from that video is the approximate weight of a sewer grate. Oh, wait, he wasn’t even sure of how much it weighed because he was so bad-ass that he didn’t even care.


Frat boys should use this vid for a new drinking game. Take a shot or sip every time he says “alright”.

He’s a geek, he’s fat, he’s absorbed, he hates the commercial gyms of 2007. Looks like he’d fit in with many at a T-Nation convention. He’s passionate and has a great attitude. He’s brave enough to put his shit out there on YouTube. I want a casasita in my backyard for my gym. I’d superimpose the gym’s name too, for security reasons.

I wouldn’t even mind shit like this if the authors would actually take the time build a respectable physique BEFORE posting videos.

You’d think if the guy’s been at it for a while he could build up, lean out just a little and then show everyone how it’s done. But no, I’m supposed to watch tubs go through midlife crisis with a sewer lid and say “yeah, look at what I’ve been missing all these years”. You either get a portfolio of clients or be your own portfolio and do it on your body. Then you get recognition or respect or a following or whatever.