Confusing Testosterone Lab Results

I am 47 years old and just recently had test labs ran. Now keep in mind the last time i had labs ran was in 2019 and my total test levels were at 343. Way low IMO, but at that time it was what it was.

2 weeks ago i had my labs ran again as i have been experiencing low libido, afternoon crash, loss of strength and body fat is increasing. So, i thought for sure my numbers would be signifgantly lower, but after getting the results my total came back at 643 and my free came in at 15.4. This is way higher than in 2019 and i have not taken anything since that time that would increase my levels so drastically. Regardless, my symptoms all point to Low T. Every other panel they ran on my normal physical came back perfect. I have no idea if something got screwed up on this lab or maybe my original lab was wrong in 2019. Either way, i am not sure what to make of these results? And if you ask a doctor they just say my numbers are normal and it is a good thing my numbers increased, but how the hell is that possible without taking anything?

T levels fluctuate. Lots of lifestyle factors come into play. Those numbers are very strong for your age. Still… I would get a full panel for comfort, not just TT/FT.

Tomorrow your levels could be lower, the following day higher. You’re not a robot. There are a small portion of the population that will see a false low T reading if not fasting when drawing labs and guidelines are going to change to reflect that.

There are dozens of medical problems that can cause these symptoms. Sleep apnea, adrenal fatigue can cause these symptoms and even mimic low-T.

Have you had any thyroid testing done (TSH, fT4, fT3)?

Are you on any medications?

How is your quality of sleep?

TSH was checked. 1.8 mcIU/ml
No medications
Sleep seems good.

Anytime someone says this, I want to see those “perfect” labs. Cos your TT/FT are fine, but still feel like shit, then it’s in the other values someplace. Can you post them?

You may not know if you have sleep apnea, that’s why you do a sleep study.