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Confusing Results

I just finished a 2 week MAG-10 cycle. I gained 12 lbs. from 194 lbs. to 206 lbs. and have a bodyfat around 11%. I’m confused after having my wife do my measurements today. There weren’t any noticeable differences. Arms, chest, calves, legs all only increased by either 1/4 or 1/2 inch. Waist increased 1/2 inch and Neck increased 1 full inch. I’m confused because I feel like I gained more and I look like it too but the measurements don’t say so. Could it be that the weight I gained was water and glycogen since I started creatine too? Could the measurements be incorrect? The weight increase is accurate because I weighed at the same times on the same scale and did it frequently. Thanks for any feedback.

Sounds about right. I heard you have to increase your bodyweight by 25lbs to increase your arms by 1 inch.

The human body covers a very large surface area. Most people can hide 10 lbs without it really being noticeable especially if they are not ripped. Once one’s body fat level is low enough, it is easier to see visual changes and even to measure changes. Also, circumference measurements are very difficult to be consistent on and depend on numerous factors like hydration, glycogen loading, amount of blood in the muscle, time of day measurement was taken. Overall, I would not worry about it. 12 lbs is a great increase and you will see the results over time.

Jason’s comments seem to be right on the money. I added roughly well over ten lbs. and some girth on all measurements with Mag-10, but I don’t really look all that different. I think I just got bigger “all over,” and now I’m cutting up to see the results as compared to pictures when I was at 7% in October (I got up to 11.7%, and now I’m down to 9.7%). Oh yeah, I did notice a significant change in my arms.

Speaking about gaining in the arms, my first cycle of mag-10, the second week, I measured my arms before I worked out. They were 17 ¾”. I measured them “hot” at 18 1/8”… they NEVER went down from that…… damndest thing I’ve ever seen. And it has not increased the rest of the cycle. i wished i had something else that would add that much again that quick !

Sounds about right. Janson N answer is great I think he covered it right on the money.