Confusing Bloodwork, High Rise in Natural Test

Hi im 33 years old, 190lb and around 12% body fat.
I’ve been doing 12 week test e cycles on and off for about 6 years Following the time on = time off rule usually about 500mg to 750mg a week, using nolvadex as pct.
I am now 3 months since finishing pct from my last cycle and I feel good. So to confirm I’m recovered i got blood work done which is the following:

Everthing seemed fine on my first bloods so I wanted a bit more info on my blood count and lipids etc so I got another set done 7 days later. Only this time my testosterone had doubled to a really high level to somewhere around 1100. I fasted for 12 hours and I am taking no other medication or supplements apart from vitamins.
Here are my latest results:

So what my question is … Is this normal to jump up so much or do you think labs have made an error? I’m worried that my results are so wildly different only a week apart that my results aren’t reliable.

Anyone got any experience with this? Both tests where done at 11am second one was fasted that’s the only difference.

Would be interested if anyone has any experience or knowledge. Anything? Ha