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Ok guys here is my deal. Rigt now i have Hot-Rox, Methoxy, and Low-carb Grow (GREAT STUFF), but it seems like i need something else, i am trying to cut right now. I am just about to start fast fat but was thinking about mabye adding M (i dont really know too much about M any input would be appreciated). If anyone has any suggestions, i would really like to hear them thanks. AT

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My suggestion is to learn what the hell you’re doing. Why do you have all those supplements and why are you considering adding M when you don’t even know what they do? Why do you “feel” you need to add something else to your supplement arsenal? The proportions of your ass-backwardness are biblical. I really hope you don’t associate with impressionable young people on a regular basis.

“The proportions of your ass-backwardness are biblical”

After a long day of studyin for an algebra final I needed a good laugh. Thank you.


Hey Zev,

If you know so much about this why not tell me why not to add it thats why i asked the question. BECAUSE I DONT KNOW!!! You get alot farther in life when you help people just so you know.

AT, the problem is that you lack a basic understanding that you should have before you ask these questions. Also, the answer to your question is already here. You just have to look for it.

As stated before, the purpose of the forum is not to spoon-feed info already posted on the site for people too lazy to look for themselves.

You’ll get a lot farther in life by doing your own legwork and figuring things out for yourself instead of relying on others.

Nice is nice, but it’s not horribly productive at times.


I hate to nitpick, but…

  1. Zev had helped a lot of people on this forum. In fact, I’ll guarantee that his whitty response brightened up the day of many forumites.

  2. You said: “You get alot [sic] farther in life when you help people just so you know.” I beg to differ. In my experience (especially lately), I’ve come to realize that this is not the case. Usually, you help people and they fuck you over. Contrary to popular belief, nice guys usually do finish last.

  3. I would suggest you save your supplement money and hire a tutor in English.

Have a nice day.

Since no one answered your question…I’ll give it a go…seems your probably missing Myostat.


My guess is that you get the point by now, but if not, let me give you an analogy:

Imagine this were an automobile forum and we all came here to discuss automobile-related matters. One day, a sixteen year-old kid shows up and says, “Hey guys, I just got myself a spiffy new Ferrari. Can you tell me what that third footpedal on the left is for? The car I learned on only had two.”

Now, wouldn’t that be a little aggravating? Wouldn’t you hope that that kid, a.k.a. you, would know a little bit more about cars before he went and got himself a Ferrari and started asking all kinds of questions about it?

It’s not that I have a problem with people not knowing stuff. No one here has a problem with people not knowing stuff. What I have a problem with is people not doing the obvious and very easy legwork to educate themselves before starting to ask questions. The other thing I have a problem with is people making decisions (i.e., doing things like buying all those supplements you bought) without having even a modicum of knowledge on which to base their actions. The only thing worse than straight-up ignorance is when people know they’re ignorant but act anyway.

How is it you’re “missing something”? You have extra money to spend? Just buy more stuff then!

To be the one person who actually gives you a straight answer, the thing you’re “missing” is any mention whatsoever of your diet. If your diet and training aren’t in shape, you may as well flush your supplement money down the toilet for all the good it’s doing you.

first off DocT…I’m disappointed.are you feeling well? I don’t like the nicer, kinder, gentler posts.

AT as for what you are missing, I will help. You need to get some…