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 I just started readin T-mag, and I have a (big) bone to pick with you.

 Ive been lifting for 4 years, and never have I heard such downright dangerous advice.

 You recommend a lot of protein. I guess I can understand - muscle is made of protein. But why carbs? What part of the body is made of carbs?!? I mean it doesnt make sense to recommend eating a lot of carbs like mr Berardi does, if they're not used for anything in your body. 

  The brain is made of fats. Muscle is made of protein. NOTHING in your body is made of carbs!!!!

My god… what carbophile could stand firm in his convictions in the face of such withering counterargument?

You are correct, your brain is certainly made of fat.

Your car is not made of gasoline, so don’t put any in it. It would be useless in making your car faster.

Wow, this guy is not even smart enough to post in the right category of the forum!

There’s around 400 gr of carbs stored as glycogen in our muscles so he’s right in his assumption that fat and protein play a significamntly more important role than carbs. Carbs are extremely convenient from a strenght training athlete perspective, but not essential in any way for body functions. Of course from a muscle building point of view life becomes a lot harder on low carbs. I don’t understand the “downright dangerous advice part” though, Care to elaborate?

I think this must be a joke

:slight_smile: Groove

it hurts me to read this

Fiber makes you poop.

Without carbs (and fiber) your poop will build up until you explode in a mushroom cloud of feces.

Wow. You’re onto something.

You’ll be huge in no-time.

Best thread ever!

ive got to say. i think all these newbies with the retarded questions and statements are a direct result of the new biotest ad’s in the popular magazines.

carbs are muscle sparing and also help with your daily fiber needs buddy anti carbs were more last decade where everybody wondered why they looked flat as hell and felt like there brains were mush also very lethargic all fucking day CARBS ARE GOOD-PEACE

Good thing you’re here Swartzy…I was getting sick and tired of that Berardi guy shoving carbs in my face.

Lets say you and I go start our own e-zine…we can use the Address www.E-Mag.com and call it “Skinny Boneheads with no clue”


"“Why go to the Gym when you can stay home and braid your friends hair”


“Geez, all I want to do is tone up, I don’t want to get TOO BIG”

Or…I think my fellow T-Men would have some clever titles that we can pick from…Men/Vixens, what do you got for us???

“He was born stupid, and greatly increased his birthright”

~ Samuel Butler

Why bother replying when he’ll probably never show up again?

  I suggest you try glutamine in place of most of your carbs buddy.

  You just might start to look good.

  I think the idea of starting an E-zine is great but 'e-zine' is taken. I like shreddedsteel better.

  For your info, at 5'7 - my weight is 165 lbs, which is pretty fuckin hefty.

  I squat 210 lbs
  I bench press my body weight and then some - 175 lbs

  I curl more than anyone I know - 65 lbs
  I can do dips with my own body weight
  I reccommend you guys take a look at musclemedia.
  Bill Roberts would turn every single one of you around. No doubt about it. Worked with me.

Boys, we got ourselves a live one!

Please Don’t Feed The Trolls

165 lbs sure is hefty at 5’7…if you’re a girl.

Uhm, other than that, I’m speechless. Your squat and curl stats humbled me beyond words.

LMAO…this has to be a joke.