Confused, Yet Moving Forward

I am 5 10, 210 lbs.; work out at 5 in the morning every other day. I have been doing total body workouts.

Decline dumdbell press(10 reps), Machine row (same) x3
Hack squat, rest x3
Incline Dumbbell press, pulldowns or assisted pullup x3
Leg extension, leg curl x3
reverse tricep pulldowns, preacher curl x3

I try to eat healthy, but often can not get meals pre-made (work in rural, so franchises screw me(or maybe I screw my self)). I have been reading articles and discussions for the last year. I have read that muscle; stimulates fat loss, and hormones that help with building more muscle.

Also, I’ve read that complex lifts are better for beginners than Isolates. However, I am not versed with many of the complex lifts that are recommend, and hold to the belief that proper form gives results, and the adverse only hurts you. I am limited by the experience that most “Personal Trainers” do not really know what they are doing.

So What works best: full body or units; strength or fatloss; is there a program that works for those of us who are “big boned”(cartman); and how do you find someone to teach you proper technique (and is not a quack).

I would like to finish this by thanking First: Those who are willing to share their knowledge; and secondly, those who take the time subsidize the articles.

Sure form is a must to a point you need to know how to lift any lift in good form then later as loads go Up you aim to have perfect form but sometimes on maximal lifts that just doesnt happen BUT you know where you went wrong and aim to NOT do that or fix the weakness that causes it.

You cant simply dodge a lift due to not knowing it reading etc is fine but Put that to action drop the loads and do the damn thing even if its just the bar or a broom stick, Then Slowly progress add a lb or two each week and keep on rolling.

Full body is great as are splits but IMO with fatloss as a goal and being a beginner sure stick to full body BIG bang for the buck. Take a few months or weeks starting NOW!!! to just learn the moves learn how to DL, squat, OH press etc etc. the time vested now learning even at low loads will have a HUGE payback in the long term

For someone to show you. Look for maybe not the biggest S.O.B. in your gym but the guy/gal who is consistent. YOu know they bust there ass work hard day in and day out. Usually the ones that mind their own business and get the job at hand done. Then just go ask. 90% of the time these ppl are more then willing to help they just know better the to offer advice as its largely not taken or ignored.

AS for programs man there are a ton. Might look at TBT by Chad Waterbury for a full body program. Maybe compound EDT. Or just keep it very simple and do One BIG compound push, pull, and leg move every day you go to the gym, dedicate the time to REALLY doing each of those three. then if time and energy are left AFTER the real work is done then tack on some isolation work


As far as programs there are also online sites where you can get diet and meal plans that help guide you. Ive seen some online personal trainers and I was searching around and found a two week trial at condition nutrition. At least its something that can help figure out the proper form to execute your exercises and goals

Thanks for the posts. I will try low weight on the compounds and get the movement down. I also think until I get my general fitness up I will stick with the full body workouts, probably the TBT. At least this way I’ll have a structure to refer to.