Confused with LATS (6 Weeks to Super-Hero)

Hello from France,

I’m currently on the “6 weeks to SH” program…LOVE IT !

I would like to add some stuff for my back.

So, the questions are :
-how much sessions per week ?
-what king of exercises, sets and reps ???
supra-max hold ? fast partial ? classic reps ? making a star complex for the back (maybe too demanding, because of all star complexes for other body parts) ?

Thanks !

What is it that people don’t understand with that program and want to change it???

And why is it that everyone on this site is concerned with their lats???

Coach trains is lats while on Super Hero…


So, thanks for your “answer” but for now I want to train my lats, and ask for that.


I’m just making this up but if you take the pull up as the main movement. You could do half rep weighted pull ups for the overload. Then full weighted pull ups, but with less weight. And finally full pull ups with no weighted vest, focus on exploding up.

Not the best as its only 3 exercises but still uses the principle of overload, power/strength and speed/explosivity. And instead of doing 4 sets of each complex you could make it 5 or 6 to make up for there only being 3 exercises.

Its far from perfect but its an option…

TBH though when i did 6 weeks to super hero i just added some assistance work at the end of the deadlift complex…was doing 3 sets of bent over rows from pins and 3 sets of wide pull ups.

Let me know what you think…

Thanks !

On Wed & Sat I’ve been training back and bi’s and using CT’s back add-on that matt_angus posted above and it’s pretty awesome. The only difference is that I add wide pull-up’s on width day and close-grip chin-up’s on thickness day. I like to get pull-up’s/chin-up’s in at the same time and this seems like a logical time. His back add-on is pretty awesome, I do suggest it.

If you go to the SH Complex Support thread I think JFG or somebody posted a complex from Chad Waterbury that they do too and it looks rather good.

[quote]mat_angus wrote:
Coach trains is lats while on Super Hero…


So, thanks for your “answer” but for now I want to train my lats, and ask for that.

He also has over 20 years of experience, while you have “tried” the program for what? 2 weeks?

Do the program as is, for the first 6 weeks. Get the jist, learn what he is doing, THEN do some changes. By then, you will have understood the concept and will not ask the question, as you will know the answer.

And why don’t you do a program that actually has what you are looking for, like the HP Mass?

You also have links where he explained what he did in details and you still ask the question?