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Confused With Current Diet

Hi guys, I’m 20 this year weighing in 70kg w/ 16.6% bf. I was previously 86kg (abt 3 yrs ago) but dieted down to 65kg using a fruit diet method (b4 i read up on bodybuilding). I’ve been working out for half a year now, however, I can’t seem to get my BF any lower.

I also cant put on any significant muscle mass! Practically my Bf stays at the same level. I try to don’t eat processed carbs including white rice and eat only fruits n vege for carbs. I’m not sure if my calories are too low or too high. Can anyone give some advice?

Current diet and exercise regime

6.30am 30g oatmeal w/ 1 scoop ON whey w/ 1 tspn sunflower seeds w/ 2
tbsp sugar free
maple syrup containing maltitol w/ 1 fruit
1 evening primose oil tab w/ multi vitamins

8.00am 40 mins cardio (Mon, Wed, Thu)

10.00am 1/2 chicken breast with 1 serving vegetables w/ 1 fruit

12.00pm Weights (Mon, Wed, Thu w/ 1 scoop whey and 30g gatorade powder after

1.00pm 1/2 chicken breast with 1 serving vegetable w/ 1 fruit

4.00pm 5 egg whites w/ 1/2 can of tuna (approx 30g protein)

7.00pm Random food but usually beancurd or meat with vegetables.

more healthy fats in your diet might do you a world of good look into taking fish oil and eat some nuts and put olive oil on your veggies… gets your metabolism revving