Confused: V-Diet or Eat Clean?

I’m not the best writer so I’ll try to make this short and informative. Please excuse any bad grammar. I used to weigh 270 but through clean eating and a cycle of the V diet I’m down to my current weight of 233. Recently I’ve just been eating anything that I wanted so I have no idea how many calories I’ve been taking in. I’m not sure if I should do another V diet cycle or just eat clean. I plan on doing Rippletoe’s Starting Strength no matter what my meal plan is. Here are my current stats (measurements in inches).

Age- 22
Height-6’0 1/2 (maybe 6’1 I’ve grown a lil bit since I was last measured)
Weight- 233
Stomach (across belly button) 37 5/8
Neck- 15 9/16
Upper Abs (between belly button and nipples) 36 9/16
Nipple Line 40 1/16
Thigh L 26 R 26 1/8
Upper Arm (bicep) L 13 1/8 R 13 1/2
Calf L 16 1/8 R 16 5/8

My goal is to get down to 190 and then gain around 30-40 lbs. of muscle. I can add pics if anyone thinks it would help. Any advice is appreciated.

Well it would help if you added a few pictures so we can see if you have any amount of good muscle mass and give an idea of your bodyfat! (your waist isnt that big so im guessing you do have some good quality muscle under the fat!) My suggestion would be to eat Clean! Start a planed diet around 2250-2500 calories 50/30/20 Protein/Carbs/Fat devided over 6 meals a day! Then start your “Starting Strenth” Program.

Add cardio 2-3 times per week and see how your body adapts and asses if your fat loss is quick enough for your goals! 1-2 pounds per week is a good number to shoot for and make sure to continue to lift heavy when your in the gym! High Intensity! Hope that helps. Post a few pictures if you get the chance.

v-diet is a great diet.
however it should imho be used as a last resort.

I have tried a varaition of the v-diet and that was a mistake if you do it please do it all the way and exactly how it is written.

I think eating right and lifting heavy right now is best,because the v-diet isnt a long term approach you will need good eating habits after the diet anyway

It really depends how much money you feel like spending on Biotest.

In my personal opinion, any diet created to sell you products is not worth your time.

If you’re going to do Rippetoe, then do not do the V-diet. That is not enough calories, and besides, you should know how little exercise you are allowed to do while strict dieting. Shame on you! To take advantage of the potential gains doing Rippetoe, a slight caloric excess.

Don’t Vdiet, start recording what you eat; it makes life a whole log easier. It seems that you have enough fat left on you to eat slightly below maintenance and still hit the gym hard; still might be possible to milk out a lb or two of lean mass while dropping some fat, just a suggestion. On second thought though, you have had a significant amount of time off of the strict dieting, so I would drop the calories again and strip off of the fat. Get lean, then get big.

The Vdiet may be a diet that promotes Biotest, but the last time I checked they were still a phenomenal supplement company and the Vdiet is still a great and efficient diet.