confused. Reps ,sets whats a good routine.

Theres so different routines out there.
Whats a good routine to build muscle in the shortest time.
Ive read that about 6 reps and 5 sets are great, using the max weight where on the last rep of the sets should be a struggle,
as well as using 60% of the max weight and doing less reps and more sets at a very quick pace.

When working out is it O.K. to to do different exercises on the same muscle . e.g. 6 reps 5 sets of cheat curls, then repeat using hammer curl.

If anyone could please post a decent workout, it would be greatly appreciated.
I dont know how much is to much, as i wouldnt want to put effort into a workout without gains.

The reason you’re confused is that you’re focusing on MEANS instead of ENDS.

Focus on your total work output per unit of time (weight x total reps)…use whatever set/rep scheme that works best for YOU to accomplish this.

Typically, (let’s say you’ll perform an exercise for say, 20 minutes) this will mean relatively high reps and shorts rets at the beginning, and relatively low reps and longer rests toward the end. HOWEVER, whatever anables to you do more work in the given time frame is what you need to do. Simple as that.

Hope that helps to get you thinking in a new direction…

While we’d all like to build muscle in the shortest possible time period. However, the real truth is that building a large amount of quality muscle is a lifelong project. You’ll have to keep this in mind with any routine you select.

Depending on your specific goals, muscle growth, competition strength (powerlifting type), or functional strength you could search for programs on the site.

You have a coach who has already responded to your post. Of course, you also have Coach Davies, and a personal fav of mine, Ian King. There are several more whose names I can’t even spell properly (i.e., CT). Use the search engine and select the routine that is right for you.

Good luck.

I think you first need to understand your goals of training - dig a little deeper than what you mentioned. Once you identify your goals it is possible to attack the issue.

Let me know if I can be of help.

In faith,

Coach Davies