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Confused Over Arimidex/TRT Dosages. 1 Month on TRT, E2 is Fluctuating a Lot

1 month into TRT:

E2 was 32 originally before TRT.

Right before my first injection, I am tested and my E2 for some odd reason is at 40…

So I was put on subq testosterone injections 50 mg 2X a week, HCG 500 iu 2X a wek, and Arimidex 2x a week (1/8) of a tablet. I am assuming this means 1/8 of a 1mg tablet.

Blood tested about 2 weeks later and showed E2 at 24…so my doc told me to go back to taking the arimidex only once a week.

2 weeks later I get tested again…and now my E2 is at 40 again. My doc says this is in theuraputic range and to continue 1/8 of arimidex tablet once a week.

However, I feel that I felt better with my E2 at 24 or 33 compared to 40.

The reference range is 25 to 60 pg/ml.

Do you think my doc acted prematurely in telling me to reduce to 1x a week?

It sounds like most people take 1/4 of a tablet. Or 0.25 arimidex once a week.

prolly your doc dont wanna crash your E2.

Yeah, she probably saw how fast I went from 40 to 24…I was hoping we could find some middleground instead of halfing the dosage. Like maybe decreasing the HCG from 500iu 2X/week to 400iu 2x/week…I’m sure that would help preventing my E2 to go up too high, no?

Or alternating between taking the arimidex between 1x a week and 2x a week.

Anyway, my blood test was done on week after I took my last arimidex of 0.125mg. I wonder had I taken the pill just 2 or 3 days before the blood test…if my E2 level would have been showed up a lot lower, somewhere in the low 30s or high 20s.

I was surprised at the reference range because I thought most men on TRT try to keep their E2 in the mid to high 20s pg/ml

show us your T lvls

T-level is 1080 ng/dl…but I’m gonna take that with a grain of salt because…initially the doc put me at a high dosage (roughly 150 mg per week, for the past 2 weeks I have been at 100 mg per week).

when I was at 800 ng/dl while on HCG monotherapy, I felt physically much more energetic than I do now. And that was in just one/two weeks.

I forgot to mention I was on HCG monotherapy before switching to TRT. I didn’t switch right away though. I did a PCT for about 2 months because I wanted my testosterone level to go down before switching. My doc didn’t understand why I wanted this, but she let me do it.

At my peak on HCG mono…my levels must have been really high because after a 2 month PCT…I was at 730 ng/dl. Significantly higher than my normal levels before the therapy.

With HCG monotherapy I got a huge energy boost physically, but mentally I was a lazy mess and extremely moody. I was doing push ups frequently throughout the day and sit ups…and I could walk up staircases no problem without feeling fatigued. But mentally, I felt off and weird. It just felt the physical benefits of HCG monotherapy were not worth it for the mental disadvantages.

But the HCG monotherapy kicked in really fast. I felt the physical energy boost within 10 days. I could jump out of bed early in the morning whereas I struggled to roll out of bed normally.

With exogenous TRT…it’s different. I still haven’t gotten that physical energy boost or uplifted mood feeling after a month. Getting out of bed is still pretty tough.

I wonder if my body is still rejecting the exogenous test and needs more time to accept it. Or if it’s because 40 is too high E2 for me.

Or, hopefully, I’m just one of those guys who responds more slowly to TRT and I need to just be more patient.

Okay so I got prescribed a dosage of 0.25 mL two times a week. I was told this is equal to 62.5 mg of testosterone per injection for a total of 125 mg per week…

but then I read my med certificate and it says “Testosterone Enanthate (250mg) 0.25 mL subQ injection twice a week”

So I researched all about how to convert mg to ml and I am still so confused.

Anyway, after two weeks on this, my test results showed my total T level was beyond theurapeutic range (1300 ng/dl) so my dosage has been decreased to 0.2 mL twice a week.

I was assuming this means 50 mg 2x a week for a total of 100 mg testosterone per week…am I right?

or does that mean I am currently on 200 mg per week? I thought 200 mg per week is generally too high for most people…and the maximum possible TRT dosage and pretty much only bodybuilders do higher than 200 mg per week.

This means that your Test concentration is 250mg/mL. So at 0.25 mL X 250 mg = 62.5 mg of Test per injection. Two injections per week equal 125 mg of Test/week.

Thank you.

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No problem. This low of a dose could easily be handled with insulin pins if you’re interested.

You are 4 weeks into TRT and shouldnt even be doing blood work yet let alone trying to control your E2. Dont believe the hype.

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My sentiments exactly, doing labs before your levels become stable is pointless, levels become stable after 6 weeks and doing labs before this time makes no sense.

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Do you think my clinic is just trying to milk money from customers?

I intend to find a way to self-medicate once I am familiar enough to do so…if I can’t find a more budget friendly alternative. Because I’m on the young side other doctors refuse me…only TRT clinics sell me what I ask for. They are knowledgeable and they specialize in TRT, but they are super pricey.

This is in Thailand and I hear of pharmacies here that sell OTC testosterone (don’t know about HCG and AI) for super cheap. Bodybuilders here are known to buy huge stacks of it and cycle on them…they may not be real brand name stuff (more just generic brand labeled as sustanon) but it sounds like they get the job done. I can’t afford to keep paying 400 bucks a month for this.

These T-Mills typically staff incompetence and are after your money and care little about your health.

You basically said it yourself, clinics sell me what I ask for.

True. I’ve ordered online from Thailand pharmacies.

This way too much. Since you can buy it like you mentioned, there is no reason to get screwed.

I feel like they are better than some random urologist or endro as far as knowledge about TRT, for example many doctors in hospitals that don’t specialize in HRT will give one large dose injection 2X a month because the doctors are not knowledgeable. On the other hand, I feel that these HRT clinics are just too pricey in the longterm and charge too much for advice I can get online. So my idea was I would start with them for a few months…then go to a hospital with an open minded doctor and tell the doc that I’m already on TRT and that it has helped me (if this does work out well)…that way the doc will be more open minded because he/she won’t have the burden of being the first doctor to prescribe me.

$400 per month is insane, that’s almost a car payment on a $35,000 dollar car.

How did you hear about the pharmacies in Thailand? I visited the most well known one here and they denied having it…but i know from multiple sources that they have…or at least did have it.

The doc I first saw who refused me referred me to this one pharmacy and said “I won’t prescribe you this because you could sue me, but there is a pharmacy near here that will give you however much you want…here is the address…you’ll see many foreign bodybuilders buying huge stacks of T there”…I went there and they said they didn’t have it. Then across the street was a pharmacy that said “We sell medicine without prescription”…this pharmacy looked a bit small, shady, and dirty, wasn’t air conditioned…I asked them if they had T, the rude lady replied yes and told me the price. I asked if it’s okay to take a huge supply on a plane and she said yes. I tried to ask more detailed questions but she seemed annoyed so I didn’t dig further. She seemed paranoid as if I was some undercover cop.

Maybe my best bet is to just go to a local gym and ask around.

Forum rules prevent me from telling you a website, etc. I just know they are in Thailand and have a huge online store.