Confused,Ooverweight, & Low Test

My issues is I’m 36 years old, 5 "11.5, 345 lbs. This is the third time in my life I’ve been this heavy (1995, 2008, now). So I hate it and need to get down to a lower weight. Right now, it’s a crawl and I’d like to get into the 320’s and then work towards 300 and then down from there. I know this isn’t an overnight thing and I’m going to commit to doing and sticking with it this time.

I say that last part since I was doing well back in October and fell off the wagon. There is a reason I’m fat, it’s due to will power and determination.

So some basics, I’ve always been pretty strong for the lack of designed training (just wing it and see what happens concept). Used to assist myself back in my early twenties and later twenties. Test, GH, Rev-B, Halo’s, Russian D’s, Anadrol, ect…

Okay so moving on 2002, diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, 6 month of Chemo. Right after Chemo I had my Test levels checked since I was training for a comeback meet into Powerlifting. It was in the low 300’s (320’s) and was told this was normal. I did the meet and things went well, but I have struggled ever since I started training again in '03. I have great days, weeks, months and then I crash. Sometimes it’s just for days where I can sleep for hours on end and then go to bed at night like normal.

Last July I popped my hamstring squatting. Nothing major, but my strength was going well. I was squatting 675 for reps, the day of the incident I was shooting for 8 reps with 675 (belt only). Got to 3 before the injury, my deads were okay pulling 635 for 3x3’s and rack pulling over 7 from knee level, bench has never been my strong point, although short armed, but I was working out with 365 for 5x5’s. My body weight at this time was 343, once again not good.

I asked the doctor for a review of my test and thyroid and anything else that she thought would help see if anything was off. This was the end of July. I was (and still am) having moments of fatigue, lack of sex drive, mood swings, ect. So results come back and she states normal. So today I went back in for a visit and had a list of things, which are all the same things from the past listed above. Main focus was diet/weight and potential hormone therapy.

We went through the run down of and article from the New England Journal. My doc says that 90% of weight loss is from diet. Weight lifting or training in general is 10%. I’m fat, but not stupid! I’m sure this is a valid article, but my weight training is way more intense then a brisk 40 minute walk, which he said to do 7 days a week. I was to focus on the diet and walking as much as I focus on my training. He also said 2500 calories a day, to eat whatever I normally do, but cut it in half. I’ll be honest I lost weight eating 48-5200 cals a day in '03, while doing three days steady state (90, 75, 60 minute treadmill) and one day plyo’s/sprint (along with 3 days of training).

So I know I can make due on more cals. He then told me that he has a machine that can test metabolic rate and that he has a long distance runner that is bigger than average that can only use 900 cals a day and anything more he stores as fat! Now this guy is linked to pro sports teams where I live, but I’m really taken back.

So as he was talking I asked from my test level numbers, last July they were a whopping 263! That’s normal though! At this time in my life I’m just as strong now as I was in High School and I have a vicious cycle of getting stronger and weaker throughout the year, so overtraining and some lack of training when I puss out and make excuses is one thing but damn my numbers bounce around big time.

If you made it this far it’s almost over, the doc states hormones are not going to play a roll in loosing weight and that I should focus on diet. He wants more blood work, but I feel as if it’s a waste of time at this point, because he wants to preach this diet.

Diet wise I’m very carb sensitive, you knew that though since I my weight is 345 lbs. I hold most of my fat in my gut and now hate handles. I have had success on Dan D’s Body Opus back in the day and started seeing good results with Anabolic/Metabolic Diet (348 to 328 in 1.25 months).

I started the Anabolic Diet again this past Monday and plan to stick with it, but I really need some help here. I don’t want to jump from doctor to doctor trying to find someone who will help, I don’t want to buy anything on the secondary market, but I was open to using some gel.

What would any one recommend for therapy, at this point I was looking in to Dr. Di Pasquale Testoboost, T-Bomb, Fountain of Youth Test gel/Homeopathic skin rub or any other suggestions. I want to be economical at the same time, the testobooster is almost $100 a month.

Thanks in advance and I hope I laid out enough info for everyone.

Bringing this back up top, would really like some type of feedback and don’t worry I won’t get my feelings hurt by the truth.


Have you thought about finding another doctor that will treat your symptoms?

If you have them, post the rest of your lab results.

Caged, I wish I had the results. You would have thought it was top secret military G2 classified! The nurse was real reluctant and even the doctor was kinda suspect.

The crazy thing is he is affiliated with top pro sports teams in the valley, maybe cause I’m not a pro athlete that I’m not supposed to care just walk 40 minutes and cut my food portions in half.

I can say one thing, my mid week 5x5 workout is my easy squat, heavy military and heavy deads and I was done in 45 minutes and it was a hell of a workout. So I’m not so sure 5 minutes less and walking would provide the same, but atleast I can still hopefully get some muscle out of it.

Also I’ve started looking for a second and even third opinion.

I really don’t like talking about weight loss or bulking. Mainly because I’ve never done either. I’ll be 52 this year 186#, 6’ and ripped with single digets body fat. That is the heaviest I have ever been.

If you have lost weight and then put it back on. You need a life style change. A life style that allows you to eat and lift. To put it simple, you need cardio 5-7 days a week for at least an hour. Speed and distance are not important at first.

I have been lifting and doing cardio for over thirty years. I’m on top of the world and I’m not coming down.

It’s really very simple: energy input must equal energy output to maintain. To loss weight energy output must exceed energy input. Eat as much as you like, just make sure you’ve earned it!

I’m not going to preach about the ills of being over weight. Because I have never been over weight. If you wish to loss weight and keep it off. Well you have to work your ass off. It’s a life style and it’s for life!

I agree, right now I’m just going to stick with the Anabolic Diet and continue walking, biking. I’m also going to look at adding in sledge hammer swings (which make my shoulders feel good), sled dragging and then continue to add more stuff as I move on.

Best case I loose weight and my levels come up or I loose weight and get TRT to assist.