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Confused on the Quality of My Workout

I am confused on the quality of my workout schedule. ive been using it for the past 3 months and i definitely need a change since the gains are slowing down. I workout for strength and hypertrophy. Im not sure if my schedule is too much or too little. I workout 6 days a week and so far do occasional cardio. I feel like my workout time is too long and that my schedule is off balance. I average about 75-90 minutes in the gym a day. I take no supplements except whey protein.

almost all my workouts increase in weight as i do more sets.

Day 1-Chest + Triceps

Flat bench 135x10, 155x8 165x6 175x4 165x6 155x8
Incline bench 135x8 145x6 145x5 155x4
decline bench 135x10 145x8 155x6 155x5
cable crossovers 100x12 120x10 140x8 160x6

close grip bench 135x4 (5 sets)
bodyweight dips 14,13,12
skullcrushers 75x8 ( 4 sets)
tricep extensions 130x12 140x10 150x8

Day 2-Shoulders + Biceps
Dumbell military 50x10 50x9 50x8 50x7
Lateral raises 25x10 ( 3 sets)
Front raises 25x8 (3 sets)
rear delt fly 105x12 120x10 135x8

Alternating hammer curls 35x10 ( 3 sets)
Barbell curls 65x12 75x8 85x5 75x7 65x11
machine preachers idk weight 3 sets till failure increasing weight

Day 3-Legs + back + abs

-legs are a lot of reps cause i play recreational hockey so i need to move.

squats 45x20 65x20 85x20 105x20 125x20
leg press 240x20 360x12 360x11 360x10
leg extensions 240x15 ( 3 sets)
calf raises 60x20 80x18 100x16 120x14 140x10

pulldowns 140x12 150x10 160x8 170x6
cable rows 110x12 120x10 130x8 140x6
dumbell shrugs 65x15 ( 3 sets)
hyperextensions 20 reps 3 sets

20 minutes nonstop abs. ab training is constantly changing so im good with abs.

DAY 4 repeat day 1
DAY 5 repeat day 2
DAY 6 repeat day 3
DAY 7 break

I feel like my schedule is a mess even though its been working. please give any advice on sets/ reps exercises, the order of exercises. anything that can help please.

the weights on the exercises aren’t any high since ive been working out for about 2 years now. Im 17 6’1" weigh 185 lbs. The reason i dont do a lot fo weight for squats is cause ive had a spinal injury which is healed but it is not recommended to do heavy vertical loading. appreciate all your help guys.

There are a lot of things I’d change about this, I’m just gonna throw them out there, might be kind of all over the place…

If you find you aren’t working out intensely for the full 90 minutes, could take some things out, shorten it to about 60 minutes… You have a lot of exercises for some things. I’d probably take out decline bench since you’re doing dips, and probably extensions, since you already have 3 tri exercises there.

Legs/back/abs is a HUGE day. Legs and back are your two biggest muscle groups. Also, for legs you have 3 things that are quad dominant and none that are hamstring. I’d suggest scrapping the squats since you can’t go heavy anyway because of no spinal loading, and replace them with deadlifts.

Wouldn’t suggest doing shoulders day after chest, or doing back day after bi’s. Also you work out 6 days in a row, thats pretty tough. That, plus the back/legs day, makes me think maybe totally switch it up… something like
Day 1: Chest/tri
Day 2: Back/bi
Day 3: Off
Day 4: Shoulders
Day 5: Legs

You’re 17, so I wouldn’t expect you to be super strong, but some of those lifts are terrible for working out for 2 years. Assuming you are lifting hard each day, I’d think even though there are some problems with your workout, the main problem is diet. Eat more, lots of protein, at least 5 meals/day, etc, can find tons of articles on that.

My advice would be that yeah, your schedule is kind of a mess, maybe just choose a workout plan you find on this site, go totally by it. And clean up your diet, eat a whole lot more.

There’s my .02, would like to hear other opinions because I’m not that experienced myself compared to a whole lot of the posters on this site.

Damn some of your days have a hell of a lot of exercises…i’d say 2 things

  1. Keep it compound, scrap the isolation work
  2. Like Gmoore said, switch up your routine, legs+back isnt a good idea!!!

try switchin it up, maybe even more so than Gmoore said…I personally really like Upper/lower and Push/Pull splits as opposed to bodyparts splits, a bit more frequency that way, and it means you get to squat/deadlift more often :smiley: !! Do something like that with 2 heavy and 2 lighter sessions each week, nice change of pace too.