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Confused On Supplements

im semi new to this whole bodybuilding, i know that diet is the main thing, and i can deal with it, i am trying to lose fat and build muscle, are there any supplements out there that really work? like i said i know that diet is the main thing

A good multi vitamin
*Everyone should take this
Fish oil supplement w/plenty of omega 3s
*Omega 3s are so important
A good whey protein powder
*probably the best and easiest way to get enough protein in your diet to feed muscle growth

Other than that, don’t go crazy on buying supplements. Work out for a while, eat properly and educate yourself. After a few months, you might decide to try using an extra supplement here or there. But the biggest thing, as you said, is good diet and the fact that you exercise daily.

along with the above Id suggest going to the link on the left side of the screen that says “STORE” check out the products there, read about them educate your self and ask direct ?'s if they arent answered in the product threads.