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Confused on My Goals. Opinions?

I thought I wanted to cut down to get to a very low bodyfat percentage, about 5% or so. I’m almost at the end of my third week of my cut and I’m at 10% which is 3% less than what I started at.

The only thing I’m upset about is losing size. I weigh 190lbs at the time so I was wondering T-Nation, once again, bulk or continue my cut for another 5 weeks?

I forgot to add that I’m at 190lbs.

What’s your final goal? In other words if I could snap my fingers and grant you any physique you want without you having to work for it (or maintain it) what size, shape and conditioning would you pick.

Remember, this is a one time offer; so chose wisely!

Ok, what was the point of this exercise? Well, hopefully it made you a little more honest with yourself to allow you to set a goal you really want versus a goal you’re willing to settle for because you fear hard work or are afraid of failure.

Now, if the physique you really want weighs more than you currently weigh: bulk until you have enough mass to ensure you can diet down, possibly lose a bit of muscle, and still reach your goal.

If you already have more than enough mass than feel free to continue dieting.

One day I would like to compete in a bodybuilding show. I would probably have to drop to 180lbs and that is too small for me. My ideal weight is 215lbs and about 8% bodyfat, then cut down to roughly 205lbs and compete at that weight.

So I guess I need to bulk then. What should I do with my HOT-ROX and should I continue my program through the week then start by bulking bodypart split monday?

Well, by your account you weigh:

190 lbs at 10%BF = 171 lbs LBM

And you’d like to be:

205 lbs at 8%BF = 189 lbs LBM

So, assuming you’re able to bulk and put on JUST muscle you’d have to gain (189-171=) 18 lbs.

Of course this doesn’t factor you’ll probably lose some muscle dieting down afterwards, so lets add another 5 lbs of LBM to bring you to (18+5= 23 lbs)

Also factor that you will have to gain some fat:

1:4 fat to muscle gain ratio is very good, IMHO (so for 23 lbs you’d have to add another 6 lbs = 29 lbs)

1:2 fat to muscle gain ratio is what some guys with crappy genetics have to work with (so for 23 lbs you’d have to add another 12 lbs = 35 lbs)

So, you should at least be aiming to get your weight somewhere around 219-225 lbs before you think of dieting.

Of course this is an oversimplification, but it’s just to get you thinking.

Keep HOT-ROX for when you start cutting at some point down the road.

Start bulking TODAY!

I would echo everything Protoculture is saying here.

Bulk up.

So what should I do tomorrow?

I’d maintain for a while. People seem to skip that part around here.

Do laughing yoga


Good luck! keep us posted.

[quote]APLASTICSPOON wrote:
So what should I do tomorrow?[/quote]

eat… a lot.

eat more food

So in the gym tomorrow should I just do whatever I feel like?

I think I’m going to do squats, bench, rows, and curls in the 8-12 rep range just for something to do.

Why don’t you just make a basic bodybuilding split and start it tomorrow instead of going in with no plan whatsoever?

Horatio actually makes a good point at maintaining for a little while since you just got done cutting down bodyfat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start orienting your training in that direction.