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Confused on my Body


I'm about 5'9 at 153 pounds. ive been lifting for almost a year now, but im still having some trouble in the direction i should be heading. i know i dont weight that much and most would say i should bulk. im working on bulking right now. i'm eating alot and lifting for size. ive been training to bulk the entire time

i also think i have a fairly high amount of bodyfat. i dont look "fat". but mostly my stomach area doesnt look like i have a low bodyfat. the rest of my body seems ok. but no matter how much gains i've been making on the rest of my body, my stomach remains the same.

is it just that i have crappy genes and my fat goes to my stomach? or what. im so confused. i'm not really cut, but i'm not "bulky" either. and my weight doesnt really help me understand what's going on.

any ideas?....

last question. i take about 85 grams of protein in shakes a day. usually 2 shakes, either between meals or after workouts. on workout days, sometimes even close to 100. is that too much?


Fat distribution is genetic.

No it not to much, i would probably split that into 4 shakes a day i just belive the protein would be used better in the body.


Are you seeing progress? Are your lifts going up? Are you gaining weight?

If you are gaining weight slowly and your weight gain is matched with strength gains, I wouldn't worry too much about bodygat. Then again, I might have misunderstood your question.


cardio time buddy


Whats your progress? Do you have a goal?

Where you store fat has to do with genetics but everyone is capable of losing what fat they have but diet is imporant.

Most men store their fat around their stomachs so don't worry about getting a raw deal in terms of genetics, you're probably just a normal guy.


i am definitely seeing progress in lifts and size. problem is, my weight doesnt show it. ive been the same weight for about 2-3 months, but i know i'm making size and strength gains.

what does that all mean?


It probably means you're adding muscle and losing fat. Is your waist size shrinking? Are your pants looser and you shirts tighter?. Do you like what you're seeing in the mirror?

The scale is not a good way to measure your success. Muscle weighs more than fat so it can be very deceiving, especially for beginners.


waste size has been pretty much the same. i just dont know if i should continue to bulk. even when i bulk its a slow bulk, eating clean and trying to minimize fat gain.


Eat some more food. If the scale doesn't move for a couple of week, its time to bump up the calories some. You may have undeveloped abs. You should start hitting them with heavy weight. How many pounds have you gained since you started training? When you put on another 10 or 20 pounds of muscle, you will start looking right as long as you don't gain a lot of fat doing it.


85g of protein?

Shoot for 1g/lb man...that way your body can make muscle.


ive gained about 10 pounds, from what the scale says. i think ive burned more fat and added muscle, meaning my weight is probably a bit decieving.

and for protein 85 g is only through shakes. the rest i try to get through food.