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Confused on Intensity

I am in my 30s and have been lifting on and off since about 16. I guess in terms of strength, I would be considered a intermediate. I have obtained decent gains when I eat right and focus on training. BUT I am one of those who has been training wrong for quite some time. My gains have pretty much stopped and I am trying to redo everything as a beginner.

My problem is with intensity. Before I trained every set to near failure. My final set I would usually go to total failure or post failure with forced reps. Now I am doing the whole 60%, 70%, 85%, 95% etc for X amount of reps. Of course when I finish a set, I always feel that I was “cheated” since I could have got 2,3,4 more reps. I have not been on the program long enough, but I was curious if there were others in my same situation your thoughts on it. I also do less total sets too which makes me feel cheated even more.

My primary goal is building muscle.

If you’re trying to get stronger, you shouldn’t feel absolutely gassed after training. Just because you ran yourself into the ground doesn’t mean you had a good workout, it just means you expended a lot of energy.

What program are you talking about?

What are your lifting numbers?

In general, if you’re going to follow a program then follow it. The results will speak for themselves. If you don’t follow the program to the letter, how will you know if it worked?

curious what you consider your ‘intermediate’ strength to be after 15 years plus of training? :slight_smile: