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Confused On How to Foam Roll


Just a question. I've got a list of exercises I want to do on the foam roller but I'm un-sure how to go about. Question is
how long do I foam roll the area for? (go up and down it)
If I feel more pain in a particular area do I hold it for like 10-15sec. on that area or for a couple of minutes to work it out? and rub slowly?

I saw in EC's youtube foam roll his athletes foam roll the area for 10-15 sec. then switches sides, but other places I read a couple minutes to foam roll up and down the area?

Lastly with the tennis ball to foam roll on the shoulder...do I rub it around the rear delt and and then hold it on the "hot spot".


15 seconds is a good marker, make sure to focus on any trigger points that you can find. Make it slow and painful, not quick.


To reduce the pain where its not wanted I usually roll (on PVC this is) with my sweatshirt on. Go by feel, after a while you'll know when you're all set. Check Joe Defranco's upper body warmup routine as well on youtube to get some idea.


Yea youtube, you'll get everything you need there. PVC is how men foam roll :-p

Depending how much I need it I'll roll an area a couple times for about 30s each. (switching sides for instance).

Rolling your inner thighs looks so bad though, especially if you're wearing little as thaiboxing shorts or something.



hold it for 30-40 secs, you will feel that pain spot release. Then move it around, and make it hurt more :slight_smile:



thanks to everyone. I got a PVC pipe, tonight will be my first official foam roll night.
Thanks for that PDF file CoolColJ, has everything i need! :slight_smile:
It's weird I just subscribed to your vids on youtube today lol. alright, peace!


Small world indeed :slight_smile:

also get a golf ball, a tennis ball to start and harder cricket or lacrosse ball for later on

You can also use other things like edge of a benchtop etc


That video is for what he recommends for them to do prior to their workout.