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Confused on carbs!

I’m 242 pounds and around 10% bodyfat. I do 30-40 minutes of cardio a week and I am happy with how lean I am now, though leaner would be nice. I am starting a sustanon/Tren cycle and I am curious as to how many grams of carbs a day I should be getting. I want to put on lean size. I’m worried I’m either not going to get enough carbs and not gain the potential size that I could, or That I’ll consume too many carbs and I’ll lose my definition that I would like to keep for summer. What is a good number of carbs to consume a day to keep burning fat but get the most out of my cycle. Thanks for any help you can give me.

I would read JB’s Massive Eating articles PT I and II and Massive Eating Reloaded I and II. If you are more worried about just adding a little amount of mass without really losing your definition, only eat carbs around your workouts. Drink a Surge shake during your workout, another immediately after, have another carb meal(P+C) an hour after that, and another carb meal 2 hours after that (P+C). All other meals should be protein and fat. Obviously, on non-weight-training days, don’t eat any carbs (ALL P+F MEALS).

Now as far as how much, I would start out with about 200-250gr carbs/day. The 2 surge shakes will give you 100gr of carbs the other 2 carb meals should have around 50gr carbs in it. Start at that, wait a week and see the results. If you feel that your not gaining enough, add about 50gr of carbs to your 1st non surge shake. (carb meal #3) Wait a week and see.

I would try to increase carbs only by 25-50gr day each week. Since everyones body is different at how well they handle carbs(insulin sensitive/ insensitive), you will have to adjust accordingly at what(how much) works best for YOU!

hope this helps, John DeVito

thanks alot, I will try that. appreciate the help.

Just a couple general statements here.

First it boils down to you needing to pick one goal and go for it. Either bulk and get the full potential of the cycle, or cut and become leaner. If you choose one you will be much happier with the total result.

I vote for the bulk, there are a number of us that have chosen to bulk this summer away. Just remember it is a long game and there are more summers to come.

I general though most ppl on cycle up the carbs quite a bit as well as protein and lower fat intake to the minimum to get in your needed efa’s

Just my 2 cc.


thanks phill, thats just the kick in the ass I needed.