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Confused need some help! T3, Finaplix

I must have some expertise help on this. I’m about to start cutting up and would like to use T3. I’ve done some search among older posts, but really can’t find the answears I’m looking for. Some say that when doing T3 for cutting, clen is enough as an anti-catabolic to prevent muscle loss when doing T3, others say the opposite, that clen isn’t strong enough to prevent muscle loss. The dosage on T3 would be from 25mcg up to maybe 75mcg and down again, for 20-25days. I would like something taken orally or DMSO way. I can get finaplix but don’t know If this would be strong enough to prevent muscle loss when doing the T3. Maybe 60mg finaplix DMSO way ED, together with clen at 3 tab´s upp to five and down again, would that be enough???. So Bill, Brock or anyone else that maybe would have an answear, please help. I also could get hold of d-bol but that wouldn’t be the best steroid when cutting, would It. U hold a lot of wather with it and so on so…

Please help me on this