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Confused: Lat Training on HP Mass



In your article you said this: "Lats and biceps are prone to tears. They're designed to grab-and-hold, which is totally opposite in function to the muscles designed for explosive performance. As such, they respond best to increased frequency of low to moderate volume, using constant-tension techniques."

But in your workout plan you only hit the lats on the foundation workout. That's not really increased frequency..
You also say in the video that we should add lots of less-eccentric work. But that will make it moderate to high volume and not low to moderate volume..

Can you please clarify this part, because I'm confused.


The recent workout was based on performance mass, which means mainly pressing muscles, thibs has said quite a few times that when he trained lats often, it would interfere with his pressing strength, so from that i summize that lats has lowered frequency to counteract this problem.


I reread the article and saw this: "I use neural charge training to help me avoid the drain I get from lat work. So, at the end of every neural-charge workout, I train lats and bi's, using moderate volume and relatively high reps."

So this means that Thib trains it twice a week when I look at his program. But on the other hand there is also a foundation workout?

I makes me confused..