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CONFUSED: Delta 1250 VS Get Big Diet

Hey guys,

I read these two articles last night and came up with confusing idea. Notice that in get big diet, you calculate your maintenance weight by multiplying your wt by 16. e.g. 142 (my wt)x 16= 2272cals.
In Delta 1250, you choose between type of body metabolism, if you are at medium you multiply by 13 so it gives me: 1846 cals.

They are almost 500 cals different (426 to be exact)

In Delta program, you are going to reduce the cals to another 500 during the hypocaloric phase (to 1346)

I am confused. If i follow the Delta maintenace and reduce the cals too much i will be sacrificing my muscle.
Assuming that the get big maintenance is right, you will have a caloric deffecient of almost a 1000 cals (2272 (from get big) - 1346 (from hypocaloric phase of delta)).
This for sure will break down protein.

I thought that maintenance caloric levels should be the same.

I hope anybody can help with this. I was thinking to start delta next Friday but this bothers me.


There is no perfect formula. You just have to pick one, start there and adjust as you go. Everyone is different and the formulas just give you a place to start.

I started noticing the same thing. I recommend you start writing down everything you eat for 3 or 4 days and then figure out your maintenace cals. It’s tedious as anything, but it’s better than using an arbitrary number.