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Confused, Andro Banned or Not?

I had a class the other day where ergogenic aids were discused. At one point in the lecture the professor said that androstenedion and androstenediol are banned by the sports organizations, but that they are available for the general population as an OTC supplement.
How come? Reading T-Nation I kind of had the impression that they were banned (Biotest doesn’t make or sell it any more, right?) So, I’m googling my ass off right now trying to find out the answer.

Here’s what I found, maybe someone can clarify it for me:

*From this adress

Thursday, March 11, 2004

FDA Warns Manufacturers To Stop Distributing Such Products

HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson today announced a crackdown on companies that manufacture, market and distribute products containing androstenedione, or, ?andro,? which acts like a steroid once it is metabolized by the body and therefore can pose similar kinds of health risks as steroids.

As part of the crackdown, HHS’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today sent warning letters to 23 companies asking them to cease distributing products sold as dietary supplements that contain androstenedione and warning them that they could face enforcement actions if they do not take appropriate actions.

Funny, Biotest isn’t on the list. Why is that? They stoped selling before the letters were sent?
Howerer, the professor specificaly mentioned one of the companies on the list (I forgot which one) andro products being available.

So, has the FDA just sent it’s letters that nobody cares about? Or not?

So, lets look at those andro products that are suposedly available. I went to a few of the websites of the companies on the list… and the search for “andro” came up with nothing.

It would seem that the FDA is the one that should have a definite answer for me, but I can’t seem to find it on their website. Actualy, I have some problems navigating their website, probably because I don’t use crappy IE.

Is there a law/bill that states that androstenedion and androstenediol are banned? Is it available for reading on-line? If so, can someone please drop a link to it? I’m looking for something that definitely states that these products are banned, something I can print out and give to professor for consideration.

Your teacher is wrong. The Anabolic Steroid Control Act, which took effect on January 20, 2005, makes it a federal crime to sell or posess steroid precursors, including androstenedione and androstenediol. Go to http://www.usfa.biz . They have the the text of the bill as a pdf.

That’s what I was looking for. Thanks!