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Confused and Need Help, Everything Contradicts Itself

I"m 35, almost 36 female with like 3 pounds of lovehandles to lose, that’s it. But some tell me I should do fasted cardio, others say no, some say high protein, others 40/40/20, and some say 3 days of HIIT and others say low intensity for an hour. Anyone have some firm advice please???

I’m 5’3 and 118 pounds, in the morning, after bathroom, fasted, and with shoes

The SINGLE most Imprtant factor in weight/fat loss is creating a calorie deflict. This can be done by consuming less calories or by using cardio to burn calories. Specific Cardio is NOT what results in weight loss.
Any basic form of cardio is fine, they all have their specific advantages and disadvantages.

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Thanks . . . at least that puts me at ease on one topic. So fasted cardio is not necessary?? An article in this blog actually said you should do cardio while in post absorption state, but I’m not going to buy mag 10, so how would I know with just normal food when I’m in that state??

Does 1300 calories, 139 protein, 121 carbs, and 29 fat sound like enough deficit so that I should see results??

Fasted cardio is not necessary.

Personally, I think that is too few calories. A 500 calorie deficit for a 118-pound body is a huge percentage.

But I’m not you and don’t know the goals here. Is the goal only weight loss?

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For the record, practically none of these are opposed to each other, and will all work. There’s many ways to skin a cat.

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well I am doing weightlifting, so I hope to keep my muscle and lose fat, not just pounds, and I know I can’t build muscle while I lose, so yeah, keep muscle I have and lose fat around mid section.

And the guy at muscle for life recommended those, he said my TDEE was 1625, so 1300 to cut.

I don’t advise aiming for a set number of calories, especially when the deficit dances above 20%. I find it often helps people with lower TDEEs to create the deficit through activity.

The difference between a 100 calorie deficit and a 350 calorie deficit works out to be about two pounds a month. For me, personally, I’d prefer the extra chicken breast. But that is completely my bias.

I’m not trying to discourage you or say it is wrong. Don’t take my word as gospel. If 1300 is a number that you feel is consistently attainable, go for it.

very interesting. Trust me, I love to eat and prefer to do more activity, but everyone warns that if you do too much activity, you burn muscle, . . .currently I walk 60 minutes 3 times a week and do HIIT 3 times a week for 25 minutes. And 4 days a week weighttraining. I love to eat and would prefer not to drop calories, but have you personally had success with this and how???

You can definitely add muscle while losing fat, you just have to eat and train right. You just won’t gain as much muscle as you would in a caloric excess, but you’ll add some nonetheless.

A small caloric deficit (5-10% at most), predominantly weight training (ideally hitting variations of the big four followed by assistance) and well applied conditioning (shorter duration, high intensity a couple of days a week) and you’ll do fine.

You’ll have to figure out yourself what macro breakdown works best for you. Some people do well with limited carbs, others not so much. You generally won’t go wrong with higher protein.

Above all, don’t be afraid to experiment. Give whatever you try six weeks at least, ideally a bit longer but don’t get married to any particular approach.

Big four?

Just as a total side track, what would you class as the big 4?

so if my maintenance if 1625, I would only drop down like 160 calories at most, not down to 1300?? Now I"m have to do reverse dieting. I get so frustrated because even eating at 1300, I see no change, and I"m charting everything I"m eating. Some days I wake up at 117 pounds, some days 120 but never do I see it dropping. So frustrating. So to MarkKO, you think HIIT type style of training is best?? and just twice a week?? Like 25 minutes of HIIT?? I can’t sprint or do super high intensity cuz of my knees, so my HIITS are intense, but not as intense as they could be if I had great knees.

Think long term. Make it a lifestyle. HIIT works, steady state low impact cardio works. I suggest finding performance goals that you want and chase after them. Keep your diet smart, and always compete. You’ll be fine.

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@dagill2 big four for me would be a squat variation, deadlift variation, rowing variation and pressing variation.

Definitely. How about rower or stationary bike sprints? They’d be easier on your knees, right?

It’s always interesting to see what people think of as the basics. Personally I’d probably choose pull ups over rows as my pull variation.

I"m confused and would appreciate help. So if I’m 117, 5’3 my BMR is 1290. If I want to lose weight slowly, would I eat at 1290 and then if I burn 200 calories, eat 200 more calories??

fat loss. I"m at 24% and would like to get down to 21% that’s it. What would you recommend for on calories and how to calculate in my activity, before or after?? If I burn 300 calories on cardio and I don’t know how much weight lifting. . . . then what would be a good deficit?

Eating 1290 is great. If you want to get into the nuts and bolts, add your activity calories to 1290. Then keep yourself 200ish calories below that total. You’ll have days where you burn 2000 calories (so eat 1800ish on those days), others where you burn 1400 and your regular 1290 is fine.

You say you’re confused. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Eat healthy, lift, move around.

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I lump pull ups with rows.