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Confused, Advice Please

Hi, I’m trying to bulk up a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that utilizing Biotest Surge during and after my workout would help me increase muscle mass and reach my goals. I’ve read a bunch of stuff on this site, and the one thing that confuses me is when/how much I should have. I’m 158 pounds, if that?s needed.
I’ve read that some people have a full serving before working, during workout, and after workout. Others have half a serving during workout, and the other half immediately after. I was originally thinking of utilizing Grow! before I found out about Surge, and was wondering how that would fit in, if at all. Should I have some Grow! before working out, then utilize the half serving of Surge during and after work out, followed by another serving of Grow! an hour after my workout along with food (sorry for this long sentence)?
Any advice would be helpful. I’ve recently started eating a boatload of food, and want some help on how to supplement that to encourage more muscle gain. Thanks very much in advance!

Protein is of first importance

In the Greek language ‘Protein’ means of first importance. What was true for the ancient Greeks also rings true for today’s bodybuilders and strength training athletes.

Protein makes up approximately 80% of human dry body weight. It is abundant in skin, hair, eyes, nails, teeth, hormones, blood, immune system, connective tissue and most importantly lean muscle tissue.

Weight training, or any high intensity resistance training causes breakdown or micro tears (damage) in muscle tissue. This causes muscle soreness, but is also the stimulus for muscle growth.

The recovery or rebuilding of micro tears is a process that takes 3-5 days, depending on workout intensity and muscle size, i.e. 3 days recovery for smaller muscle groups (biceps, calves, shoulders triceps) and approx 5 days for larger muscle groups (quads, chest, back).

Recommended protein intake 2.5g to 3g of protein per kilo of body weight per day.

e.g. 100kg body builder needs 250-300g of protein per day.

Protein should be consumed in even portions every 2 to 3 hours. 25% of daily protein intake however should be consumed within 30 minutes of finishing training in liquid form.

Maximise your efforts in the gym. Place importance on your protein intake if muscle growth is your goal. Be disciplined, be focused, stick to the game plan!!!

Here’s a diet to follow

Muscle Gain Program
Upon rising
1 x teaspoon Creatine
1 x teaspoon L-Glutamine
1 x glass of fruit juice (non-acidic)

Meal 1
2 x egg yolks and 6 x egg whites scrambled
2 pieces of wholemeal toast
Large bowl rolled oats (porridge)

Meal 2
1 x teaspoon Creatine (loading phase only)
2 x scoops Grow!
1 x scoops Pure Carbs

Meal 3
Chicken breast or lean beef
Baked potato or rice or pasta or wholemeal bread
Vegetables or salad

Meal 4
1 x teaspoon Creatine
2 x scoops Grow!
1 x scoops Pure Carbs

Meal 5
1 x small tin of tuna
100g low fat cottage cheese
1 x cup of cooked rice

1 hour before training
1 x teaspoon Creatine
1 x teaspoon L-Glutamine
1 x Glass Apple juice

Immediately after training
4 x scoops of Pure Carbs
2 x Scoops of Surge
2 x teaspoon Creatine
2 x teaspoon L-Glutamine

Meal 6
Lean beef, chicken or fish
Baked potato or rice or pasta
Vegetables or salad

Meal 7
2 x scoop Grow!
1 x teaspoon L-Glutamine
1 Danone flavoured yoghurt

After 7 days of loading, drop Creatine from meals 2 and 3
Maintain Creatine dose of 3 x teaspoons per day for a further 7 weeks, followed by 2 weeks off Creatine
Repeat cycle

On rest days
Drop supplements used immediately after training

Minimum 3 L water per day