Confused, Advice On Programs

Hey there

I’ve been weight training since last august, and went from 140 lbs to 175, though i did gain some fat. currently im in the middle of a cutting phase, and am down to 167 (my guess 14%bf). i am 5’8" and i decided to try this method 3-4x a week:

3x 12,10,8 pull ups
3x 12,10,8 chins
4x 12, 10, 8 squats
3x 12, 10, 8 preacher curls
4x failure pushups (using pushup handles)

what do you think? i know this probably sucks so ill take any advice.

What do we think of what? Is this a good mass building or fat loss program? Whats your question? Do you have access to a gym? It all boils down to your diet. Eat smart.

Welcome to T-Nation. You’ll find a ton of excellent program templates here. You don’t need to design your own and you don’t seem to have the experience to do so (no shoulder or posterior chain work for instance). Total body workout routines are a great way to start so you’re on the right track. Check out some Chad Waterbury’s work: