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Confused About Sustanon Levels

As far as I know, sustanon sucks because;

It requires ED/EOD injections for stable blood levels.

It also takes (from what I’ve heard) 3-4 weeks to kick in, due to the longer esters, but you get the “fun” of ED/EOD injections anyway.

You still need to wait for the longer esters to drop below 100mg/PW before you start your stasis/taper.

The stasis/taper gets needlessly complicated.

Now, my confusion regards the first point.

Let’s say you injected sustanon 2xPW, as per enan. How would this be any different from someone taking enan as a base and “boosting” their training sessions with an oral?

AFAIK, transiently increasing blood AAS levels by using an oral before training is a fairly accepted practise, yet effectively doing the same thing with the prop ester in sust is bad?

I suspect both pratices are far less than optimal, purely because it becomes harder to control the sides of the fluctuating hormone levels.

Still, people who poo-poo sustanon usually have no problems dropping 30mg dbol before training here and there.

Is this hypocrisy or am I missing something?

If you want to inject 2x/wk use enathate, if EOD or ED is not a problem then use sus or prop.

Its not that it wont work, it just what will be the most optimal.

You could put 87 octane fuel in a ferarri, however would you? Of course not because it would run much more optimally with high octane fuel.

If your going to put excess hormones in your body wouldnt you want to utilize them in the absolute best way possible?

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LillGuy: I have no plans on using sust, I’m just curious.

Alt: How about test suspension before training? I understand there is a difference in clearance times but is the bottom line still not fluctuating hormone levels?

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