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Confused about Splenda

Ok, maybe I am missing something here. Splenda is a “no calorie sweetener” as the packaging says, and the nutritional information says. I suspect that it still has some calories, but they are minimal. The ingredients of Splenda are Maltodextrin and Sucralose.

However isn’t maltodextrin (and also sucralose) a common addition to PWO shakes as a carb and calorie source? i.e. Surge?


I would stay away from this poison sweetener! http://www.mercola.com/fcgi/pf/2004/jan/10/splenda_questions.htm

The safest artifical sweetener would be saccharin (SweetnLow). It’s been in use for 100 years and only 4 complaints compared to Aspartame (Equal) in existence for 15 years(?) with over 10,000 complaints over health problems. There’s no telling with sucralose (Splenda) as it’s relatively new and very few studies have been done but one test showed horrible side effects… Be careful of what you put in. Just because something was made in the laboratory that don’t exist in nature, that doesn’t mean it’s safe for you. Keep that in mind…

each packet is such a small amount, that unless it has more than x amount of calories they don’t have to list it. Same as carbs, if it is less than 1, the FDA doesn’t require listing.

yes, they use it as a filler because splenda is so insanely sweet it could not be used in any real fashion without being deluted. I believe you can buy pure sucralose but I it is a few thousand dollars per kilo or so.

Some things I find very informative on Mercola’s site but I get second guessed when I see he’s heavily pushing a $75 meal replacement that is 14 servings. And everyone thought $urge was expensive in the Biotest store before.

What does Mercola pushing his product have to do anything with this? The point is that be careful of the artifical food stuff or substitute that we make out of laboratory that we put in our body… It’s almost always never good. I guess we will find out in 10,15 years when it turns out to be toxic and i’ll be saying " I warned you…"

That Mercola guy is the king of scare tactic journalism.


That’s funny. That shows how little you know about anything. How sad…

There is nothing wrong with Sucralose. Its basically a sugar molecule that has been modified so that your body doesn’t process it. It just passes on through. Its been around for 50+ years.

Mercola has absolutely no credibility. One of the studies he spouts on sucralose is absolutely ludicrous. Apparantly mice died when they ate sucralose. What Mercola does not tell you is that these mice were fed hundreds of times sweeter than their usual food, so they ignored the food and starved. Ergo, sucralose killed them.

The guy is off his rocker.

Great! I’m going to DIE! from Splenda.

It’s in my whey protein, plus I add four packets to each shake with natty PB and water. I use it in my oats (2 packets). Plus, it is in my diet soda. So in a normal day I probably have at least 10 packets, not counting what is in the soda. Oh crap, and I thought I was turning the corner.

While I agree that Sucralose is probably safe the whole “its safe because it is a modified sugar molecule” arguement is pretty silly. Hundreds of compounds in your body could be lethal w/ the change of only one functional group.

Hell, I don’t even need to change a functional group I could add a neutron to the hydrogrens in water to form D2O and you would die if you drank it. Just because it started from something acceptable to our body doesn’t mean the end product is going to be safe by default.

When I interviewed Mercola he also said your remote control car door opener car will kill you - and underwire bras, and microwaves, and electric razors, and your kids’ vaccinations, and swimming pools, and toothpaste, and all girls named Heather…

Not saying he’s wrong, just a wee bit paranoid. I think there are much bigger issues people need to worry about. I mean, you have people afraid to use Splenda yet they drive cars. If you really wanted to stay alive a long time, you’d skip driving, because statistics show that’s how most of us are going to die, barring disease.

Sort of reminds me of when vegans won’t eat “unhealthy” meat yet they smoke.

And if we use sugar instead of Splenda then we may be fat. And being fat will kill you way faster than any artificial sweetener.

In short, Mercola is an interesting guy, but he majors in minor things. His big ideas are pretty good, but he gets a little paranoid when he gets down to the minutia.

Me, I’m still going to buy Splenda by the box. A big one.

Here’s my interview with Mercola:

<a href="http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/body_231dr.html"target=“new”>Dr. Health Nut

I agree with the others who don’t see a problem with Sucralose. I have yet to see a credible study that shows anything other than it’s safe.

Beware the self-appointed gurus who claim this stuff will harm you.

Yeah, that’s what they said about vegetable oils. Aspartame. Tobacco. 30 years ago, they were safe. Now, they’re not safe. They’ll probably say the same thing about sucralose in 20 years. Who knows? Yeah Mercola is health freak but at least he’s better than 95% of other doctors when it comes to nutrition. I learned one or two thing from him as far as being healthy. Anyway, that’s the kind of doctor i’d send a family member to for health problem. I don’t trust the doctors with M.D. beside his/her name to fix the problems.

Tungsten=Mercola ?? Anyone else think so?

I’ve been packet one putting of coffee in my splenda every morning four for years now. So far I haven’t effected any bad notices at all. My opinion is not to worry. If we listened to everything Mercola said, we’d be curled up in a ball on the floor, hiding from all the very very bad things out there. To all you splenda haters out there: hey man, quit pissin’ in my coffee and I won’t swim in your cereal. Or somethin’. Yeah.

Tungsten, don’t you think using purposely flawed studies sort of reduces his credibility?

Sure, he’s probably right about vegetable oils, sugar, grains and other stuff. But so are most educated people.

If i worried about everything mercelo told me to worry about two things would happen:

  1. I would just end up opening a joint account w/ him so he could take my cash directly

  2. I would die from worrying and micro managing long before the artifical sweetners would have done me in.

Aspertame is “safe”. No one ever thought tobacco was “safe” and veg oil is “safe”. I’ll stick to the stuff that is backed up by real sceince by the guys w/ M.D. by there name. But hey, keep living scared if you like.