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Confused About Sets/Reps/Goal


I've read alot of the newer articles about proper program design, and how much work to do if your goals are strength or hypertrophy. I am still a bit confused.

Right now the program I am on focuses on strength. My strength is definitely increasing, along with size. My diet is sound, my biggest problem is not enough sleep.

I have an (A) workout and (B) workout that I alternate EOD. Training parameters are all 5x5... If I hit all 5 sets with prescribed weight, I usually add 5-10lbs for next week. If I dont hit it, I do it again next week workout until I complete. I use antagonist pairing with about 1 1/2 min rest between.

(A) workout
Front squat (rest) calf raise variation
chest supported row (rest) barbell flat bench
lunges (rest) push press
ab work/forarm work no rest

Deadlift (rest) calf raise variation
Incline barbell bench (rest) pullups
declinde dumbell extensions (rest) incline dumbell curl
ab work/forarm work no rest

I play flag football on fridays and sundays, so sometimes Ill take monday/tuesday off if im sore.

Is this a bad idea to continue training 5x5? I would like a set/rep guide for strength AND hypertrophy. Some insight would be great.



two good articles:




Thanks JNeves, I'll give that first one a read. The set/rep bible is what I have been going off of so far. Looks like 5x5 fits in ok, so I will continue on it so far.


I think you're doing too much if you're doing all those exercises with 5x5. I don't recommend more than 3-4 exercises using 5x5 in the same workout (and only that many if supersetting).


After reading through some of those articles, I lowered it down to 3x5 and 5x3 for strength.