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Confused About Pump Feeding

HI CT, I have a quick question for u, and I would love an answer to this from u, and also from other Tnation citizens :smiley:

I focus now on four exercises that I want to become insanly strong in with time to help, I do train very carefully, and I listen to my body and do all I can to not overtrain and push myself to snap-city. I ramp up to 1RM on each exercise, and use only 1 rep on each set, normally a total of 5-7 total sets, I found this approach on ur 22 proven rep scheme, so u guess u are familiar with it

Exercises are:
PowerClean & PushPress
Snatch grip HighPulls
Weighted Pullups
Weighted Dips

Now that u know my this, not I will continue to my main Q…
I want to bring out my shoulders and lats a little bit, so right now I use ur double stimulation method to have a quick session of Snatch grip BTN Presses and V-grip LatPulldowns the day after my strength work. BUT would I be better of using this two exercises as lets say a superset finnisher the same day as I my strength day, doing it this way I can work on my strength session a little bit more frequent then if I seperetate the pump and strength days ?

Thanks for the best site on the web ! :smiley:
Regards, Kim :slight_smile: