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Confused About PCT


First of all, thanks in advance for any responces.

Here's my problem.

Round here its friggin incredible, pharmacies or roid-guys dont have any clomid or some other clomiphene citrate product! I asked for nolva or arimidex and nada, nuttin.

Now since this is my very first cycle im going to be mild.

Too keep things short, this is my cycle. Im not excepting extraordinary results, im only looking forward to 'boost' a bit. know what i mean?

week1- 10mg dianabol
week2- 15mg dianabol
week3- 20 mg dianabol
week4- 20mg dianabol
week5- 15mg dianabol
week6- 10mg dianabol

PCT.....its a problem eh..
I tought about using product that has 100% bulgarian tribulus.

i tought about the following:

week7- 8 caps tribulus
week8- 6 caps tribulus
week9- 6 caps tribulus
week10-4 caps tribulus

...but im not that sure its a pct..it sounds more like a craze to me.... since it could increase testosterone levels but not blocking any damned estrogen.

Just wanted to ask ya since im taking few tablets of dianabols estrogenic effects could be still an issue???? and that 'PCT' (...) is a good one for such a mild cycle?

Thanks again


Your right this is a mild cycle, and it doesn't look too harmful. You could have problems with gyno however if you happened to be sensitive to it, so getting and using a small amount novadex or arimidex would be a safe plan.

You probably won't have too much problems with recovery however, just because dbol isn't too suppressive, and it's half life is realatively short.


hmmm....an alternative could be superdrol.....since from what ive had read it doesnt cause any estrogenic effects. and users report that they keep most of the gains. lower back pain and good cholesterol to bad cholesterol ration seem to get phucked up tough but return to normal post cycle.

If im goin to buy some of this stuff (its 17-alkalinated) im goin to buy d-bols anyway and keep them 'just in case'.

Its strange that its legal...not that im a doctor or sumthin....but its chemical structure looks like that of an AAS.

probably il run a 3 week cycle of this stuff and than induce the tribulus 'Pct' i mentioned above...

hmmm....d-bols or superdrol........


Ill just cut the crap and order superdrol. 2morrow il let my cousin know and tell him to order it for me on amazon (I dont have a credit card).

90 caps of this shit is more expensive than 120 tabs of d-bols tough.
but at least it does not aromitize and im sure that they aren't counterfeights, and unlike d-bols the strength one gains during a cycle (as short as 3-4 weeks)seem not to diminish that lot while maintaining most of the gains. From what I ve read from a post on these forums it seems that on the 4th week the boys start to shrink.... its fairly suppressive...hence il do a 3 week cycle of those and induce the tribulus pct (the one mentioned above)...

I started to talk about superdrol all of a sudden just because it seems to damned good to be true, except the fact that it really phuks up the cholesterol. But then again, any steroid does phuck up the cholesterol...


A Dianabol vs superdrol thread would be damn cool. What do ya think?


"90 caps of this shit is more expensive than 120 tabs of d-bols tough."

I beg to differ. I just bought some superdrol, 90 tabs for $49.00.

120 tabs of dbol at 45mg per tab will run about $120.00.



I have a good source. Round here 120tabs cost round 25 US dollars. He told me to be legit from the british dispensry. but he also told me they are not sealed 'to reduce costs down he said'....I dont know but i have already ordered 100 tebs for 25 US Dollars as I said. I know this person and he is a fairly honest guy. but im suspicious about the dianabols not being sealed...


since when does dbol come in 45mg tabs?


at first glance i tought you said "120 tabs of dbol at 5 mg per tab"....at 45mg you said? you hit the 4 definitley.


IP, 45 mg tabs


IP, 45 mg


Ok ok, so I have heard a lot of talk about this, I just wanted to make sure the product you are talking about is the anabolic extreme. Superdrol, (masteron) or whatever, people have been talking about this as if it were as strong as AAS... Is it worth buying or what?


I have never tried superdrol, but everything I have read sounds good.
Trial and error...



cycle seems very weak



No. Superdrol isn't worth buying.


I have a friend using superdrol as well, and the results were unsatisfactory.


Is rebound TX an alternative to nolvadex??? if so, after a small cycle of 100 d-bols only over 6 weeks,could i take rebound TX only as a PCT. I think d-bols are better on the cholesterol point of view. Just asking...


take it for what it is worth but i am in my second week of SD and i am experiencing good gains. strength is up much more than normal and weight is up about 8 lbs with no noticeable fat gains. obviously a little is water but the strength side of things has been very satisfying. no probs with sides or gyno at all. that being said, if i had the option to use dbol i would have.


Why not?


Some guys can eat dbol like M&M's and not have an issue with gyno. While other just read the label and their nipples hurt. Since this is the first cycle, get the nolvi. If an issue comes up, you can take care of it. If not, you have nolvi when you attempt a heavier cycle----Freak


hmmm...the problem is around here no nolva is at hand. neither clomid. Rebound TX seems to be a good alternative but im not sure about its chemical structure...is it a good PCT for a small d-bol cycle like mine?