Confused about Nutrition Advice

I’ve read MANY nutrition articles from T-Nation and the Biotest website, but I’m still confused about what to think with beginner nutrition. Paul Carter, someone who should know the answer to this, says that a beginner in their growing years, like me, should eat 6 or 7 big meals a day and eat A TON of good, quality food, but Christian Thibaudeau says that eating more food, past a point, will just make you faster, and TC Luoma says that eating that many meals a day, everyday, is unnecessary, and will even speed up aging. What do you guys think?

All of this information is conditional and should be applied judiciously based on age, physical condition, goals, training regimen, etc.

It’s not one size fits all.


different guys, different point of view ; the best thing to do ? try everything and see what’s best for you. ( samething with workout, supplement … )

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Don’t worry about any of that. Eat veggies, fruits, nuts, meat, eggs and dairy. Divide it up however you wish; it won’t affect your results. Now, just stop reading about nutrition and get into the gym.


From memory they’re all talking from slightly different perspectives.

Paul Carter I think is talking about building a base of muscle without worrying in the slightest about aesthetics. So you eat. A lot. Part of the process means you’ll be fluffy, but you’ll have a ton of muscle to show for it after a few years.

Christian Thibaudeau I think is just making the point that there’s eating a lot and being a straight up pig and junk food whore. Something I’m pretty sure PC would agree with.

Then TC, unless I’m mistaken, is talking more about an adult male trying to build muscle for a pleasing physique. Different ballgame entirely.

So it’s not like they’re contradicting each other at all.

If you’re in your teens or early 20s and aren’t particularly fat to begin with, you will gain a lot of muscle if you train hard and eat even harder.


Very good post. All three of these men are different psychologically as well, as they’ve humbly exposed themselves online, which is what I like about them. I actually like all three as people, not just gym rats.

PC was batshit crazy about size and strength when he was younger. So of course he’s going to write about power-shoveling food and permabulking. I’ve seen a picture of him younger, after a DC training phase. He was big! He once did an interview with Kirk Karwoski in which they were talking about eating whole loaves of bread for PB&J sandwiches. But look, guys over, say, 30, “with lives”, don’t typically want to do that sort of stuff.

CT, though I do like him, has some hangups, which he has written on. So he doesn’t want to be soft.

TC has for a long time cared about health and well-being above other physical goals.

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I don’t see these things as contradictory at all, you are simply looking at different goals.

The approach from PC above is designed to get you big and strong

The advice from CT is designed to stop you getting excessively fat

The advice from TC is to stop you aging prematurely.

Three different goals, therefore 3 different bits of advice. I’m reasonably confident all of the coaches above change their dietary advice depending on the condition and goals of their clients.

Check out my favorite Stan efferdin and the verticle diet.

Are you trying to get big or something?

When you are new, fairly healthy and get to the gym it’s easy. So easy. I eat right and have put in 20+ lbs of muscle in 3 months time.

Once you are focused / consistent and hit a plateau you will benefit even more from a specific diet. Until then just eat right and enough to keep the body ticking.

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