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Confused About Hypertrophy Reps

i am a bit confused about hypertrophy.

in a push/pull split, i usually do 4 sets. what should my reps look like? they say for hypertrophy i need to do between 10 and 20 reps. so should it look like this: 10/12/15/20 or the other way around? 20/15/12/10?
and what about lifts like squats and rdl? same thing? or heavier loads and less reps?

i guess i am wrong abut the reps. so, how about 12/12/10/8 versus 8/10/12/12? start with heavier load and go down or vice versa?

There are two schemes i choose from

Pyramid-light(8-12reps) -medium(6-10reps) -heavy(2-5reps)-medium-light

Straight Sets, Samw weight each set, doing a program like 5x5 reps.

I also enjoy doing the second half of the pyramid-Heavy-Medium-Light

Most importantly, pick something you like and strive to increase your capacity each workout, either with added volume, an increase in weight, or overall intesity