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Confused about Gyno


I have read the stickies, but remain confused...

Im on a test e only cycle - frontloaded 1000 mg first week, then 500 mg per week...

couple questions -

are constant hard nipples a sign of the start of gyno - i have hard nipples all day today...and i am only 2 weeks in

everyone on here says keep arimidex on hand in case of gyno symptoms and bloat - but if you get symptoms of gyno, isnt it too late to use arimidex, and lestro is needed?

would it make more sense to take arimidex throughout the entire cycle, ,maybe .5 E3D


Hi bud, i dont think so.. My nipples get SUPER sensetive and hurt and then feel kinda puffy, afew days on Nolva seems to sort me out. GL


Hard nipples are tight, and compact.

Gyno should make nipples "girly" and puffy. Very sensitive and easily irritated.

If you are not painful to the touch or puffy --- I'd rather you just resume cycle without using an AI, since you want to make the most of your cycle gains.

If you still wanted aromatase inhibition to keep bloat under control and a tighter look, plus estrog control, I'd recommend a DHT based androgen instead of an AI. This way you wont lower igf-1 levels and take away from muscle gains.

Proviron, masteron, stanolone enanthate. If you cannot access those -- high dose Epi/Androsterone is very good --AndroHard product.