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Confused About Food and Training

Hello everyone!

Hey im new, however not so new in gym.
So the long story short i realised im to fat 271lb aka 123kg, decided to solve it with gym where i reached 220lb aka 100kg. Yes that include very poor diet i was still eating white carbs but reduced size of meals, i mostly did weights and 1 day hill walking.

So to the point, some of belly fat is still here and question is what is the best way? I know some of you will say after you grab that door handle to enter the gym its the best way, true but i think i need to go way more serious at this step.

I read a lot, some say cardio while other say weight lifting to keep muscles and lose fat, all is kinda logic. So to introduce you my current diet a bit.

I changed 5 meals to 3, simply i just dont feel hungry if i do i snack on apple or carrot.

Im male
Currently 220lb 110kg
My height is 187cm

Breakfast is:
Eggs 3x
Greek yogurt
Protein shake (amino whey)
Glass of milk

I aimed here for big protein intake

Lunch is usualy chicken meat / solomon / tuna and big bowl of salad

Usualy salad and nuts.

Yeh gotta work on diet i know.
So im sticking to very low carb if its possible as i noticed that carbs = energy, if body have no fuel it will shift to fat and some muscle.

So to stop the agony of writing im in need of help.
Should i do cardio and include hiit exercises also.
Should i do weights? Heavy weights? 5x5? Bodyweight?
Mix them? 3x cardio 2x weights?
Or daily heavy weights leading to 30 mins of cardio?

If there is anyone to show me right path i would appriciate it. And im not willing to stop until i reach my goal. Thanks for answer in advance

try this…

diet: have some meat and veg(not just salad) for dinner

Is the weight still going down? What’s your main goal? General health or appearance?

Hello thanks for answers.

weight went down, but past week i lost like 3 Kilo which is way to much i guess, yeh I had HIIT 1x and cardio also.

My main goal is loosing belly fat while maintaining muscle or even gaining them, so I have no clue what is the best way to do this.
Also im planning to start like seriously like, calculating calories would be 1 of those things, making proper weightlifting/cardio program with your help for sure and some proper nutrition plan.
I also read that it’s needed like 2g of protein per 1KG sooo in my case I need approx 200g of protein daily if that’s correct, I have no clue for fat and carbs, currently im sticking carbs under 50g, and eating some nuts / avocado for healthly fat, thinking to start using olive oil also.
I had to ask for help because reading and reading and again reading on internet all the mixed thoughts just confused me, some say weights (which I like a lot), some said without cardio you cant reach anything, other people say do body weight which I somehow agree also but Im not a guy who will do pullup, muscleup with 100kg, however I dont know my fat percentage I dont know how to get that number to help you with my statistic.
Also questions, Milk? Is it good to consume, I found out it’s kinda nice source of protein if I would drink 1L per day
And Carbs, this is tricky for me, carbs = fuel, if no fuel body will burn fat and muscle, sooo what’s up with that.
And im somehow “skinny” fat structure I believe so. Idk if I can say skinny at 100kg

So lets get started ? :wink:
Thanks for all the answers and help in advance.

You got a solid plan. I wouldn’t invest a whole lot on carbs or cardio though.



Anything by Dan John will be helpful to you.