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Confused about Fasting

I am interested about intermediate fasting, but after looking through the internet am still confused. If someone who understands it could explain it to me in the most simple ways possible, like when to eat, how much and its effects on training and strength I would appreciate it. I kinda feel like a newb for even asking, but I guess its better to try and learn then stay stupid. thanks

Google. John Berardi intermittent fasting (has an article here on T-Nation). Martin Berkhan’s Leangains website. Brad Pilons eat stop eat. Lots of places to look.

Best that you do you own research and reading and then make up your own mind.

I must add that you need pretty sound nutritional knowledge imo to be able to do this effectively. If you dont know the difference between a potatoe and mcdonalds fries you best get the basics sorted first.

Thanks I will be sure to look that stuff up !