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Confused About Different Weeks and Daily Workouts


I need some help with this workout I have done my research but have unanswered questions. When I begin this I will do the following.

Week 1: 3 sets + 5 Reps
Week 2: 3 sets + 3 Reps
Week 3: 5/3/1
Week 4: deload

Is this right? I under stand each set increase the weight I know by what percentage and I know I need to do squats deadlifts military press and bench press do I focuse on just those lifts on each day, or can I do other workouts after I completed the 5/3/1. I feel the workout will be too short 3 sets of 5 doing squats ill be done in minutes iam confused.


Which book have you read?


I havent read the book, just too long to go through and someone on here recommended I do 5/3/1 so just reading some forums and articles thats all the research I have really done.


Buy the book, don’t admit on the author’s forum that you stole from him, and then read through it. It’ll answer all of your questions and set you up for success.

100% of the issues I’ve seen with this program is from people not reading the books. They explain everything.


Ok will do thanks!


Here’s the gist of the original 5/3/1 on a free article published by this site and written by Jim…

You’re not stealing anything…


Thank you man