Confused about Assistance Exercises after Main Lifts

hello chris/everybody. my names Greg and new new to lifting. ive done alot of research regarding where to start and i think i have the right idea, based on what ive picked up on alot of Christians previous articles on t nation but prio to starting to lift could anybody take a look of this so i dont get injured and make sure im on the right track.

right so ive decided on 3 days a week being a beginner and i understand that the main lifts that i should focus on are Bench, Press, Dead, Squat

and after research, for accessory lifts i understand Dips, Chins, Rows, snatch grip high pull and curls are pretty safe bets.

now putting it all together in a sensible way is another thing, i think ive done a good job of it but could anybody please take a look and let me know if its ok please?

Alternating A/B/A , B/A/B

before each workout ill be warming up and stretching

Main lifts Squat and Press
Accessories Row - Dips - curls

Main lifts Dead and Bench
Accessories chins - high pull - tri iso

i know the best programs are the ones you enjoy and are consistent with so im hoping im on the right track above. PS i really want to keep the snatch grip high pull from hang in there after reading some of Christians articles about it.

thank you for your help guys

That actually looks decent enough, apart from one thing: there doesn’t seem to be any assistance for the lower body apart from the high pulls (and that’s pretty much a whole body lift).

I’d recommend chucking in a lower body assistance exercise for each day, and sub out the curls and tricep iso to make room. Something like lunges and leg press would probably do nicely.

I have been training for about 15 years and have made my best progress over the last couple of years when I stopped designing my own programmes and started following CTs. Just pick one and do it, don’t try and add in this and that. ESPECIALLY if you are a beginner

Have a look at “915” or “power look”, they are great. They are 4 day a week programmes, but CTs advice has always been if you can only train 3 days do it like this.
week 1 -A/B/C week 2-D/A/B week 3-C/D/A etc.

Honestly, if you know you are following a programme written by an expert, you will put in more effort. Rather than half-assing one you wrote yourself

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