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Confused about Adex Dosage

Hello people, i’ve read many topics before i decided to post this one but i had to ask it anyway because im a little bit concerned about my first cycle, im confused about adex dosages and if its really needed? i will run test prop 100mg eod so 300mg weekly and 20mg of stanozolol daily to see how my body reacts, i dont wanna dive deeper with higher dosages of test prop, so what do you think? does adex is needed with this cycle? is there any chance of aromatization with such low dosage of test prop? im 27yo and been liftin for 5 years.

You won’t know until you’re into the cycle, unfortunately. 300mg/w is not a huge dose, so you may be able to get away with no AI at all. Or you could be like me and aromatize just by looking at a bottle of test. Have it on hand, take as needed based on symptoms.

Additionally, you really should consider not using the winstrol on your first cycle. There’s a lot to handle with test alone for a first timer. You don’t need another externality to account for if you can help it.

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Thanks for your reply bud ill start the cycle this week, how do you understand if you have high estrogen levels? is there any specific symptom for that?

Excess water retention, emotional instability (however, if you cry when Goose dies in Top Gun that is acceptable), lower sex drive. Stuff like that.


i’ll keep that in mind, also 0.5mg of adex eod should be fine i think, better safe than sorry? :smiley:

No…it’s not a case of better safe than sorry. Crashing your E levels is just as bad as having them too high only with different effects. We all need estrogen for our bodies to function normally. Run your cycle without the adex;unless you’re carrying a lot of extra body fat or are otherwise prone to gyno you should be fine @ 300mg/wk. Like @iron_yuppie suggested, if you start to notice high E side effects or your nipples start giving you trouble then you would consider adding the adex into the mix. In my perfect world you would actually pull a blood test (for FT, TT, & E) around 4 or 5 weeks AND then incorporate an AI based on actual readings.

Alternatively you could grab some Nolva instead of Adex and be in (in my opinion) a much safer place where crashed E isn’t a concern.


I made a bloodtest and everything was fine, i wish you could understand if i posted the picture here but the rapor is greek language and you may not understand a single word of it :smiley: daily my diet is good i track my macros train 5 times a week for 5 years now, my current bodyfat must be 14 or maybe 15%.

If I’m understanding correctly these are the facts:

You are 27 years old with 5 years of training experience.
Your body fat is 14-15%.
You had a blood test prior to starting your cycle.
You want to run Testosterone @ 300mg/wk
You also want to add 20mg/day of oral winstrol (but were cautioned against it. I hope you follow this advice)
You have Adex on hand.

If everything I wrote is truethen everyting I said in my previous post is also still true.
Keep the test at 300/mg/wk
No adex unless side effects present
Test bloods @ 4 weeks

enjoy results


Yes exactly, test prop 300mg/wk and 10mg of winnie first 4 weeks and the last 2 weeks 10mg, total 6 weeks of first cycle. i will do it bro thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Do you understand what he’s telling you about not using the dose of adex you suggested?

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yes i do, he means that if theres no actual reason to use it then i dont have to use it, only if any side effect occurs then i have to use adex to prevent the side effects, also having very low or crashed estrogen levels will almost lead to the same situation like having too much estrogen in your body, thats why ill hear your words and as a good newbie ill be carefull

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Correct and if the situation does arise and you feel the need to use it start small.

0.25mg on injection day and give it time to work before increasing dose

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yeah i will do it like this way, but now i need to get on hand some pct because i got only the gear and adex, i need to find nolva and its not easy to get it on where i live, my gym owner will do it for me but still i dont wanna start it without having pct on hand, he told me that theres alot of time and we will get you a pct before you finish your cycle dont worry.

I would not advise a 6 week cycle. And I still would like to see you drop the winny.

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i will drop it everybody says that test only cycle is the way to go as a beginner and i will do it only test prop for 6 weeks, winnie i know it is a strong drug.

Why only 6 weeks?

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Do you suggest more? and why?

It’s not that winny is strong (because when I think of strong compounds, winny doesn’t come to mind), it’s because of side effects for your first cycle. If you start taking multiple compounds at once and start to grow a tail like a monkey, how do you know which compound is responsible? I’d like you to learn how test effects you first. Once you know how you fell on test only then you could introduce something else. If you start growing a tail then you would know "oh…I know this must be because of Winny because this never happens when I run test by itself.

I don’t think 6 weeks is long enough to reap any meaningful gains…most folks run a 10-12 week cycle of test. That would be my suggestion.


10-12 weeks damn i think its a long period of cycle for a newbie maybe you are right but i dont know it sounds like too much time being on gear even on such low dose like 300mg / wk. i got some test prop lets see.

Well you’re obviously free to do whatever you want but you came here for advice so I’m giving it. If anyone disagrees I’d be happy to listen to their rational. Weigh their advice against mine and decide what sounds best for you.