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Confounding Myostat

Stacking Myostat with other supplements like Mag 10 has been recommended as a way to create and develop the new muscle more quickly. However, when you do this you, how can you tell how much of the muscle growth is due to Myostat? To avoid confounding the experiment, Myostat should be used by itself. Anybody planning to do this?

Experience. Do a cycle or two of MAG-10 by itself before using Myostat in conjunction.

You would never be able to know since after there should be diminishing returns with each cycle of Mag-10.

No matter what you take with Myostat, if it works the way it’s supposed to you’re not going to see anything short-term. The only way to tell is going to look at yourself a year after you’ve been taking it continuously and then making a decision about whether you think it’s done you some good or not.

I agree. I know what gains I normally get from most supplements I have taken in the past, so if over the next 6 weeks I make even better gains then I will know it was most likely the MyoStat.

I was thinking along the same lines as BurritoJimmy which was why I posted this question. I’m new to both Myostat and Mag 10 and expect to be totally confounded if I used this stack. Thanks for the input guys.