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Conflicting Training Information


@Christian_Thibaudeau i just read your article on turning rest days into growth days, i just started your 6 day workout recommendation for The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters and i am finding that the information in these two separate articles conflict. Turning rest days into growth days talks about 6 days being to much but The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters is a 6 day plan?


I also wondered the same thing at first. CT may disagree but I think it’s addressed in the article. He says he doesn’t like it as much because he has to train “with the brakes on”. His best Damn Workout is exactly that, training with brakes. I think he would say they both have merit. Probably whatever you like better and can stick to will work best for you. Just my 2 cents


There is no be all and end all program, best damn is low volume so the sessions are more frequent. The first example is 4 days a week higher volume days so obviously frequency has to be lower


The optimal training frequency as well as training style depends on your neurological profile. Different approaches can work depending on your body. For that reason you will find that the info in some of my articles differ completely. Since they were written as individual pieces, and edited in a way to get he point across as strongly as possible I understand how it could be misleading. I’m going to publish a 5 parts series on how to plan training based on your neurological profile next week.


The articles can be confusing because they recycle old stuff to give us “new” content every day or just to refresh our memories. The articles aren’t always in chronological order.

More importantly, good coaches don’t have one program for everyone. CT has said before that he can’t fit his entire toolbox of training programs into one article. Just because T-Nation posts a new or recycles an old article doesn’t mean the previous stuff is obsolete or ineffective.

Keep doing your current program and maybe try another one in a few months. Keep doing that til you find the optimal setup for you.


Awesome thanks for the help, yea I knew CT and a few people would clarify I
just wasn’t quite understanding if I missing something. Appreciate the help
guys working a muscle group just once a week has never worked that well for
me from past programs just came of jim stoppanis shortcut to size program,
but I have a friend who has had great success using for example the best
dam workout from CT and has had awesome results so going to give it a try.
Again appreciate everyone’s advice.