Conflicting Messages on H-Drol

OK So I’m about to start my first cycle of H-drol for four weeks followed by Nolvadex.

Heres the issue. One of the things I learned in the last year of reading a lot of forums is that more doesnt equal better.

I’m taking Cel Hdrol which comes in 25mg pills. The directions say to take no more than 2 a day (50mg)

But Ive read several forums lately on H drol where people are saying if you want to see any good results you need to be taking 75-100 mg a day.

So whats the real deal? The actual company tells you no more than 50 mg a day. Are they saying this for liability reasons?

Oh and Stats incase someone asks.

25 years old
BF around 12%
Years lifting 5-6
Years that I’ve been lifting and knowing what I’m doing with nutrition and dieting 1 1/2.
Bench 265 2RM
Squat 330 2RM
Dead lift IDK but I do sets with 225
I’ve gained about 35 lbs in 7 -8 months of dialing in my diet. Now I’m starting to plateau. I’m looking for another 10-15 lbs in the next 2-3 months.

Also side note I’ve had trouble finding in the forums is does Halodrol affect your cardio much? I need to be able to still run 2-3 miles in around 22 minutes

yes, they are being cautious. Given that you use proper liver support while on cycle, and are only using one methylated substance (H-drol), and keep the cycle reasonable (4-6 weeks), you can safely use 75-100 mg./day–FOR MOST PEOPLE. However, everyone responds differently to these anabolic agents and it would be wise to start off conservatively–at 50 mg./day (maybe bumping to 75mg./day after a couple of weeks)–for your first cycle. Also please use liver support while on cycle.


[quote]mavrcksurfer69 wrote:
ok thank you. I was thinking of doing the 50 a day for one week and seeing how I felt. [/quote]

Don’t second guess yourself too much. He’s right that SOME people use a higher end, and it all works out rosy cheeks…but most isn’t everyone. Now in my own past I used the real Halodrol, and a few of the difft clones, and I never went over the 50mg save for a few specific days.

Bottom line for me was that I got nice viable gains from using it as directed. I would indeed go ahead and drop it at 50 for 1-2 weeks, and see if it is what you expected. Remember, these otc designers are still not as strong as the real deal, and like you first said, more isn’t always the best thing to do if you’re going to use these instead of the real mccoy.

Just my opinion, good luck whatever you decide.

Uh oh, better put my flame suit on.

I’m going to suggest that you run the hdrol at 75mg per day from the start. Then adjust down if you get a bad reaction.

Hdrol is a milder product that usually takes a bit of time for you to notice anything, good or bad. Taking 50mg/day for the first week is only going to tell you if you can tolerate 50mg/day. It won’t really tell you if you’ll be able to tolerate 75mg/day. You’re probably planning on bumping up the dosage to 75mg/day at some point, so why not just do it from the start?

Someone may say that you should start at 50mg/day, just in case you get a bad reaction to that dosage. I say that if you get a bad reaction to 50mg/day of hdrol, you’re probably not healthy enough to be taking PH/DS in the first place. I doubt there would be a significant difference in your overall health if you get a bad reaction from 50mg/day for one week or 75mg/day for one week.

The general consensus is that 75mg/day gives better positive results without a significant increase in negative side effects. May as well run the more effective dose.

But hey, what do I know. I’m just some guy passing a bit of time before I head out the door to go meet up with friends.

[quote]mavrcksurfer69 wrote:
I’d love to use the serious stuff and I do have access to the real deal, from older guys who have been safely using it for decades. The reason I’m sticking with something mild like H-drol is because of still needing to be able to run for 2-3 miles. With things like Dbol and others you pretty much have to take it super light on the cardio correct?

But H-drol shouldnt make it to where I cant still run. I guess that was my second question that no ones really answered yet. Anyone in here use it and have any nasty wake up calls when they went to do cardio?[/quote]

You can get real gear? I don’t know of too many real compounds that will screw with your cardio capacity. I would always suggest real gear over OTC stuff.

And hdrol, from what I’ve read, is supposed to be cardio-friendly. I did just fine on it. But, it is just me.

Well then why not run 6-8 weeks of Test? It’s hardly going to have an adverse affect on your running. The extra muscle that you gain might slow you down, at least until you get used to it :wink: