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Conflicting Information


I'll be running a halodrol cycle with epistane for 6 weeks, and have been getting conflicting information on how many milligrams of epistane is safe. I looked through the archives at what some posters on here and other sites have run, but seems there isn't really a consensus. Some guys say anything over 40 milligrams a day is too much, others recommend up to 60, and the guy I'm buying from actually told me to take less and stay around 25 milligrams a day.

Any thoughts?


You probably shouldn't run two methyls at the same time, however, epi is normally run at 30-40mg/day with some going as high as 70 but I wouldn't recommend that you do that on your first run with it. Try starting with 30 and go to 40 if you have no sides.

BTW, halodrol seems much more toxic although it is supposed to be a mild compound. I'd do epi solo at 30-40 for 5-6 weeks.