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Conflicting Info On HCG

 I have heard/read conflicting info on the proper usage of HCG.  Some state that it should be ran during the cycle to prevent testicular atrophy and stimulate the ludigs gland.  Others have said to use it at the end of the cycle as part of PCT. 

I understand the benefits to both, but would it be wise to use it during and after the cycle IF you leave a 4-week break in between usages? Also how would the dosages differ between in cycle and post cycle?

the point of using it during is that you don’t need it after the cycle is done. you just run it until your gear is all gone from your system and no longer suppressing your natural test levels.

running it at super high doses after the cycle to get the boys back to full size is frowned upon because you desensitize the leydig cells and make it so they are suppressed during your PCT which defeats the purpose.

There is a lengthy argument between P22 and Anthony Roberts on here somewhere about this very topic because they were weighing the merits of various methods of PCT (test Taper vs AR’s protocol which includes HCG).

I searched but wasn’t able to find the thread you spoke of. I did go to Roberts’ website and read his profile of the drug. He says that dosage should be 250iu everyday for periods of 2-3 weeks at the end of a cycle with at least 1 month off. In theory would I be able to use 2 three weeks runs of HCG spaced out in the middle of a 12 weeks cycle and still be able to use 2-3 weeks as part of PCT.

That sounds confusing, sorry. What I’m trying to ask is do you agree with the duration of use (2-3 weeks), dosage(250iu ed), and break period (4 weeks) that roberts described? Also do you think it is counterproductive to use HCG as part of PCT or is it just BETTER used alongside the cycle?

250iu SQ EOD maintains baseline testicular activity. So that is all that one would need during a cycle.

By keeping the testes operational, when LH production resumes the testes will then be working. Otherwise, when LH resumes, the testes may need a while to undergo tissue changes before normal output can be obtained.

What duration do you recommend for use? Straight through an entire cycle or 3-4 weeks? Any usefulness using HCG as part of PCT with aromasin and nolv?

Here is rather a good article on inhibition and recovery, including the use of HCG. I believe he recommends (elsewhere) HCG during the cycle only, though I may be thinking of Crisler.