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Conflicting Diet Advice?

Seems there is some conflicting diet advice between what Don Alessi recommends in “Meltdown Training” along with this weeks article, and Berardi’s “Massive Eating” plan. Alessi recommends about 1.5g/kg bw and 100g of carbs (which for a 100kg guy like me is 1000cals), doesn’t specify how much fat. I’m on Berardi’s “Don’t diet” plan (about 15% lower than calculated maintenance), and I’m now eating from 250-350g carbs, 350g protein, and 75-125g fat (varied according to workout days), while shedding bodyfat (at 5% now from 7 site caliper measurements) and minimal muscle mass loss. So which is it - the “next Poliquin” or Berardi?

Keep in mind that Don was just talking off the cuff in a casual interview. Obviously he has much more specific and individualized diet plans. Plus, when we were talking about diet, we were talking about the average client who comes to him to lose weight, not someone striving to look like T-man or a bodybuilder. Just something to keep in mind.